Ellen Degeneres Answers: Does She Smoke Weed?

Ellen Degeneres Answers: Does She Smoke Weed?
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When she isn’t making people laugh, does Ellen Denegeres smoke weed? The comedian is one of America’s favorite talk show hosts, and people are wondering if she’s down with the ganja. Recently, digital media outlets attempted to answer the question using nothing but online research. After seeing the amount of traction the question was getting online, Ellen decided to answer the question herself on her show.

Who Is Ellen DeGeneres?

Ellen Degeneres is an American comedian-turned-actress-turned-talk show host.

DeGeneres got her start doing stand-up at nightclubs in New Orleans. She went on to tour during the early 1980s. In 1986, she got a gig on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson that helped launch her career. Showtime named her the funniest person in America.

From there, DeGeneres was able to land a few roles on American sitcoms. In 1994, Ellen got her own sitcom titled These Friends of Mine. She went on to have a few more of her own show,s including her current gig.

You’ve probably heard of it, but DeGeneres is the host of the extremely successful talk show called The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

Does Ellen DeGeneres Smoke Weed?

Ellen Degeneres Answers The Burning Question: Does She Smoke Weed?

Here are a few reasons one might think Ellen was cool with smoking doobies. Although she hasn’t admitted to smoking cannabis, she has never shied from speaking about weed.

In fact, Ellen chose to sell merchandise specifically advertised to stoners on the unofficial weed holiday, 4/20. This led to her talking directly to her audience of cannabis consumers during her talk show.

“If you are high and watching my show right now, you are going to trip out on all the cool new things I have in the Ellen Shop, you are going to trip out, all you high people out there,” DeGeneres said.

Green Rush Daily used this as evidence when they reported on Ellen DeGeneres smoking weed in August.

Ellen responded to a video by the online magazine Civilized, which was posted in October, using the exact same pieces of evidence as the Green Rush Daily article, with no credit to the original source.

“So there first piece of evidence is that I sold merchandise to marijuana users on 4/20. That does not make me a smoker, it makes me a smart business lady. You are never too high to buy Ellen underwear,” Ellen told her audience during a recent segment.

Ellen has also been known to crack her fair share of weed jokes, like when she re-titled children’s books “The Little Engine That Couldn’t Get Off The Couch” and “The Very Very Very Very Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

The final piece of evidence in Green Rush Daily’s “Does Ellen DeGeneres Smoke Weed” article was a joke she tweeted a few years back.

Ellen ended her recent segment by stating that she does not currently smoke marijuana.

However, she joked that she may have in the 20-year-old photo used by Civilized. She also shared that one of her writers smokes weed. He could be behind some of the weed-themed jokes on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

So, Ellen hints that she may have smoked weed in the past but definitely doesn’t right now.

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