Emerald Exchange Brings NorCal Treats to Southern California

Photo by Vortex Farmacy

The sweet smell of Northern California sun-grown cannabis will waft through the hills of Malibu as Emerald Exchange comes to Southern California for the third time later this week. The medical cannabis wellness event will take place on a private ranch near Malibu this Saturday, March 18.

Emerald Exchange 3 aims to expose the SoCal medical marijuana community to the benefits of high quality cannabis grown outdoors by craft cultivators in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. The gathering will also feature a myriad of therapeutic products, all manufactured by companies that use Northern California marijuana to formulate their medicines. Art, musicians and dancing fill out the alt-cultural experience scheduled to last well into the evening.

Michael Katz, co-founder of The Emerald Exchange and the CEO of specialty vape pen manufacturer EVOXE laboratories, explained what makes the event special compared to other cannabis trade shows.

“Number one is the unique experience that the location creates,” Katz said. “The Exchange takes place on a gorgeous ranch near Malibu, with views of the ocean to the west and the rolling hills to the east. The setting takes the exchanges to a different place, rather than the traditional dispensary back-rooms or random meet ups.”

Katz added that the Southern California medical marijuana community is learning to appreciate the artisanal quality of flowers sun-grown by small-batch cultivators.

“More and more, people are thinking about cannabis the way they think about food,” he continued. “They want to know where it comes from, how it’s grown, if possible they want to know the person who grows it, to make a connection with that person and help support their way of life.”

He sees The Emerald Exchange as a forum for creating those connections between small Emerald Triangle growers and SoCal patients and dispensaries.

The day kicks off at noon with a farmers’ market featuring more than 40 vendors. Products available will include flower, concentrates and cannabis-infused topicals and edibles, including chocolates, jellies and beverages. Music, art, a wellness spa and a speakers panel will also be included in the daytime lineup.

As the sun heads toward the Pacific Ocean horizon at 6 p.m., the party starts with a mixer and dancing until midnight. Beats will be courtesy of an all-female slate of DJs.

Emerald Exchange 3 takes place Saturday, March 18 from noon until midnight at a private ranch near Malibu, California. Ticket prices range from $75-$600 based on the level of experience.

HighTimes.com readers can buy tickets HERE and use discount code mrldxchng10 to save 10 percent!

Pursuant to California medical marijuana law, all products will be available with a donation to the onsite collective. A valid ID and medical marijuana recommendation are required for admission. Medicating onsite will be allowed.

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