Nine Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

Do filmmakers who smoked weed outnumber the ones who never have? Probably. Here are nine filmmakers who get down with the ganj.
9 Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

5. Drew Barrymore

9 Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

Though Drew Barrymore may have emerged from her wild child days, she’ll still take a toke or two.

A member of one of Hollywood’s oldest families, Drew Barrymore has starred in and produced a number of hits. Barrymore began her career as the adorable little girl in E.T. before working on a series of crime dramas, followed by romantic comedies.

Barrymore co-founded production company Flower Films in 1995. Through Flower Films, Drew Barrymore produced many of her own movies, from Never Been Kissed and Fever Pitch to Charlie’s Angels. In 2009, Barrymore directed Whip It!, the story of a young woman in a roller derby league.

Her most recent credit is the Netflix original horror-comedy series The Santa Clarita Diet in which she stars as well as serves as executive producer.

Though Barrymore has come a long way from flashing David Letterman in 1995, she’ll still indulge in a little ganja now and again. Once, the paparazzi famous snapped a photo of Barrymore sharing a joint with Cameron Diaz.

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