Nine Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

Do filmmakers who smoked weed outnumber the ones who never have? Probably. Here are nine filmmakers who get down with the ganj.
9 Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

6 & 7. Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld

9 Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld are perhaps the hottest names on our filmmakers who smoked weed list. Former husband and wife are best known for creating HBO’s High Maintenance. For those who haven’t watched High Maintenance (which you should do immediately), it’s the adventures of an unnamed weed delivery guy.

In each episode, the guy, played by Sinclair, interacts with a different sort of client. It’s a hilariously active depiction of getting stoned in New York City.

Here at High Times, we’re big fans of Sinclair and Blichfeld and their 420 work. We even took them on a $420 marijuana shopping spree at Buds & Roses in Los Angeles.

Even before then, High Times attended a weed-themed dinner party with the High Maintenance stars.

“All you need is some people, some anxiety, and some weed,” Sinclair explains about producing the show.

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