Fresh Carrot Juice with A Side of Cannabis, Please

Donation-based weed delivery service, HighSpeed, has gotten very creative with Washington, D.C.’s Initiative 71, as many pot entrepreneurs have, in order to get around the legal roadblocks and confusing legislation that plagues marijuana legalization.

In the case of the nation’s capitol—where recreational marijuana is legal but retail pot sales are not—HighSpeed will deliver one of its 11 flavors of cold-pressed juices…and the pot is on the side.

What would you like as your side dish?

The company’s 300+ customers can choose between “just juice” with about a gram of pot, “love” with up to an eighth of an ounce or “lots of love.”

After passage of Initiative 71 in 2014, local innovators have been looking for ways to get around D.C.’s vague regulatory laws. For example, it is legal to possess up to two ounces of pot in the District and to transfer up to an ounce, “as long as no money, goods or services are exchanged.”

But, at least so far, there are no laws against donating or gifting and, technically, HighSpeed is only selling juice.

The company’s website explains: “Thanks to Initiative 71, it is perfectly legal to possess up to 2 ounces of dry consumable cannabis. We sell niche foods and drinks, not cannabis. We give cannabis as a gift!”

David Umeh, CEO of HighSpeed, which originated in Oakland, California, told dcist, “You're getting a gift because you're showing us love. If you show us more love, you might get a bigger gift.”

So far, so good says HighSpeed spokeswoman Rachel Bor who told Washington City Paper that lawyers helped them vet the business plan and concluded they were on solid ground, given that it’s legal for an adult to give marijuana to another adult.

And, there is no tax and no delivery charge. So, sip your organic Turmeric Tangerine Lemonade and get buzzed at the same time.  

(Photo Courtesy of YouTube)

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