Get Lifted! ‘Grow House’ Debuts Official ‘Blunt Force 1’ Jet Airliner

Join the cast of Grow HouseLil Duval, DeRay Davis, Snoop Dogg, Faizon Love, Martin Starr, Malcom McDowell, George Wallace and Lin Shayeas they get lifted… literally!

Hollyweed Films has tricked out a Lear35A jet airliner dubbed Blunt Force 1,” which will travel in promotion of the film, and before you can roll or light up, the cast of the DJ Pooh directed comedy will be flying high to New York (April 11 & 12) and Atlanta (April 13 & 14).

After a quick restocking of munchies, Blunt Force 1 will refuel and head onward to Los Angeles (April 16 & 17) for the LA Green Carpet Premiere! The film releases 4/20, a national holiday for cannabis connoisseurs, and then makes one more exciting stop at the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup (April 22 – 23).

So, puff, puff, but don’t pass on this opportunity to see Hollyweed Film’s Grow House in theaters! You don’t even have to be a smoker because you’ll laugh, hysterically, just from the contact!

Also, be sure to cop the hit single, “Nic Nac,” by Grown Gangsta, produced by Shon Lawon and DJ Pooh, which is already a hit with over 1,000,000 views in one day!

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