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Glass Artist of the Month: Ace



In the glass world, she’s known simply as “Ace.” It was 12 years ago when Ace turned on her first torch She says she knew immediately that glass art was “her path.” Ace focused on Italian style glass for a number of years, earning a BFA in crafts & material studies. An artist friend showed her how to push a bowl and pop a carb, essential skills for making pipes, which enabled her to land a job making pipes in the back of a local headshop in Richmond, VA.

In 2008, ACE followed her heart to Seattle and worked with some of the best old-school pipers in the industry. As much as she loved being immersed in the rich glass culture of the Pacific Northwest, she chased the sunshine and landed in Southern California in 2011, where she currently resides.

ACE’s current body of work (instagram@amylikesfire!) is inspired by her love for fantasy and science fiction: most especially unicorns. As so many glass artists assert, she’s thankful to be part of the glass industry during such an exciting time, when members of the community are exploring the outer reaches of the medium and its infinite possibilities. Check out her work below!

The stem of this sherlock pipe features the horned head of a unicorn. Don’t let it poke you in the eye!

If you load this toad’s bowl and give it a kiss, you’ll turn into a high prince!

Here’s a heavy-duty pipe that’s ideal for stoner heavyweights.

For button-down stoners with fantasy lives, this unicorn pipe wears a suit with a pink tie!

Ace designed this unicorn pipe so it rears up on its hind legs, thereby becoming a cute knick-knack.

A reindeer pipe give out a stoner howl.