Glass Artist of the Month: Bill Burroughs

A native Oregonian, Bill Burroughs currently resides in a small town called Veneta, just west of his hometown of Eugene. The Northwest has long been known as a glass artist mecca. With friends in the industry, Bill naturally became intrigued by glass and functional art.


He first turned on a torch in 1999 as a pipe artist at Sketchy Glass, using techniques like wrap-and-rake, along with fuming. After showing his work at his first trade show, Bill began learning other styles and patterns, like welding multiples sections, sculpting and line work.

He did a short stint working in the non-functional community from 2009 to 2011, but returned to functional art. Many of his current projects feature UV high lights due to amazing advances in the color industry.

“The great trees of the Pacific rainforest inspire me,” Bill said.

He’s created a line of Ents, protectors and spirits of the woods in folklore, that masquerade as pipes. He also sculpts different species of fish: Mahi-Mahi, steelhead, salmon and hammerhead sharks.

A love of the outdoors and a passion for hard work has allowed him to discover his own style embodied in his own line of glass art: Habitat Glass. Follow him on Instagram @habitat_glass

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