Glass Artist of the Month: Danny Camp

For Danny Camp, life was once a 40-hour grind working in the borough of Queens in New York City. But life changed when he moved to Maine in 2010. He arrived in Portland, a hotspot for glassblowers, where a community of artists and locally owned businesses welcomes new artists.

Danny is a significant member of that community now. He works with a host of top glassblowers—Purdy, Beak and Pauly T, among others—who collaborate to enhance Portland’s reputation as a hub in the glass industry. He also owns The Ballout Shelter, New England’s top collective studio.

Danny has created everything from birds to lobster buoys—a Maine favorite, naturally, and is beginning to be recognized on a national level. The Witch Dr Glass Blowing Studio and Artisan Gallery in Salem, Massachusetts has been Danny’s biggest supporter, even hosting the Balloutshelter Show, a huge success, which was named for Danny’s studio. Last spring, he won the Emerging Artist award at the CHAMPS Trade Show in Atlantic City. In the coming years, you can bet that Danny’s camp followers will only increase in number!

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Glass photos by Derek Whittington

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