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Glass Artist of the Month: Jan Nace



The term “nuclear family” appeared in the early 20th century. It refers to a pair of adults and their children. Sociologists defined it as an essential element of sustaining stability in modern society. But what if one of those adults is a glass pipe artist, a profession that the government deems subversive? Doesn’t chaos ensue?

Nah. Family life is even better when dad’s an artist.

Jan Nace lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two children. He’s been creating glass art full-time since 2010. “I was hooked from the start!” he says.

His introduction to glass came courtesy of lifelong friend “who was kind enough to introduce me to the basics,” Jan says. “I’d spent nearly 10 years traveling the country trying to find something I would enjoy for the long haul. Glass was the answer.”

Jan says he is mostly “self-taught,” but a class with Eusheen, one of the industry’s top artists, helped him immeasurably.“I’m inspired and influenced by the great artists like Jason Lee, Cowboy and Eusheen, as well as many others,” he says. ”But I’m still searching for the direction I want to take my work,” Jan says. “

Like most dedicated artists, he’s quick to credit the pioneers who paved the way for newcomers. “They gave us the opportunity to pursue our passion.”

Check out Jan's work below! For more, head to his Instagram account.

Graceful curves and exquisite design are hallmarks of Jan's glass art.

Feast your eyes on the symmetrical detail of Jan's work.

This functional pipe with claws possesses monstrous elegance.

This sherlock showcases Jan's mastery of color and form.

A righteous rig like this requires Major League stoner skills.

An aerial view of glass artist Jan Nace behind the torch.