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Glass Artist of the Month: Puff Danny



In October of 1996, Puff Danny flew from Detroit to Seattle to take a one-week, crash course in lamp-working focusing on pendants and pipes. He returned to the Great Lake State and set up a small home studio and practiced for a year and a half. Two years later, he decided to return to Seattle for more lessons.

Back in Michigan, Puff Danny continued to hone his skills, but this time he began teaching friends. "Over the years,” he says, "I've had the chance to work with many great glassblowers like Alex Vicknair, Adam Grafius, Nick Voorhees and Marc Vandenberg. But recently, I’ve been refocusing my glassblowing. I now draw inspiration from friends like Drew Kupps and Jeremy Ross, as well as my apprentices.”

In 2010, Danny opened Puff Danny’s Glass Boutique to showcase his work and that of his glassblowing colleagues. His success is a product of the glass industry’s incredible capacity for sharing knowledge and helping one another. Puff Danny says his tight-knit group of Michigan artists has "amplified my creativity.”

“I mix old-school color with newer techniques,” says Puff Danny. “But my focus has always been on producing quality, affordable pipes. That’s what the average stoner is looking for."

Check out Puff Danny's work below!

This ornate one-hitter is a perfect pocket companion.

When you're getting high on this pipe, you can contemplate the miracle of flying fish.

Some stoners like to get high verrrrry slowly making this snail pipe a perfect choice.

Puff Danny and Drew Kupps ceated this honorary pipe when Chuck Ream won the HIGH TIMES Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award last year in Michigan.

Puff Danny demonstrates his command of color in this exquisite hand pipe.

For those who need a sturdy, well-crafted pipe at their side at all times, Puff Danny is your man!

A colorful, standing bubbler is the perfect vessel to use when searching for contentment.