Glass with a Story: Mark Lammi and Cruiser Pipes

Through 15 years of glass blowing and countless thousands of pieces made, Mark Lammi has been in the custom pipe game for a while. Beginning his career selling the wares of other glassblowers, he stumbled across an opportunity to start an apprenticeship in Eugene, Oregon, bringing him in close contact with some of the biggest names in the business.

“Being surrounded by talented artists and the best weed growers in the world, I literally lived that lifestyle to the fullest,” Lammi told High Times. “I ate, slept and breathed glass pipes every moment, and in a lot of ways I still carry that passion to this day.”

That passion has turned into tons of projects over the years, but a more recent one combines glassblowing with another passion: classic cars.

“I wanted to bring something creative and thought provoking that was a representation of my own interest and something I had not seen in the glass pipe scene previously,” Lammi explained.

“My pinstripe series was inspired by my love for classic cars and the ornate details and pinstriping found in the custom car culture. I decided to use classic glass pipe shapes as a blank canvas to collaborate with legendary pinstripers (Mitch Kim, Steve Kafka, Tommy ‘Itchy’ Otis), who helped bring my ideas to life. My friend JD White and I collaborated on a series of photos that would replicate a car show where each ‘Lammi Cruiser’ pipe and jar was like a custom car that had its own name, owner and story behind it.”

“When this idea was born, I reached out to various legendary pinstripers across the country and asked them to collaborate on a unique mixed media series of pipes, and that’s how this series was born. Rather than apply these images with glass, I wanted them to actually be pinstriped by hand the exact same way that it is done on cars. This lends a level of authenticity to the work and also a level of fragility that I like. I basically tried removing the glass pipe from its original context and viewed the pipe as a blank canvas for expression, where the art was the focus and the function was secondary. I wanted to create something that was unique and thought provoking but also functional at the same time, and I think I accomplished that.”

“Meet Spider. He is a laid back vato with long skinny arms and legs and was given that name when he was young by his homeboy OSO. Spider drives a black Lammi Cruiser named ‘Mostaza y Mayonesa’ with yellow and white fine line pinstripes laid by the legendary Mitch Kim, inspired by his love of classic Vogue Tires.”

“Meet Officer Chepe. He cruises his stretch of highway in a supercharged Lammi Cruiser named ‘Stroker Smoker,’ which was hand painted by the legendary Tommy ‘Itchy’ Otis. Having been involved in more high-speed chases than any officer in the history of law enforcement, he likes to pull people over and threaten them with a ticket for not going fast enough or for their ride cruising too ‘low and slow.’”

“This is Veronica but the homies call her ‘Vero.’ She is well respected in the barrio because of her beautiful red Lammi Cruiser named ‘La Chingona.’ This custom ride has gold leaf pinstriping by the legendary Mitch Kim and can be seen at the local car shows hitting switches on a nice sunny day.

Meet Huera. Growing up in the barrio was a little tough on her, and the only two friends she has in life is her homegirl Vero and her Candy Green Lammi Cruiser named ‘La Motosa.’ She can usually be found at the park rolling up spliffs and working on her ride. Huera is a very talented painter, and she also painted her friend Veronica’s ranfla ‘La Chingona.’ The two of them are often seen cruising the strip together leaving a trail of smoke behind everywhere they go.”

You can see more of Mark Lammi’s work on his Instagram page @lammiglass and purchase Lammi gear and merchandise at Keep up with all High Times’ culture coverage here.

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