Goddess Worship

Meet our 2007 Ganja Goddess Nikki Nova.

When both the Internet and I were younger, I, like many guys, admittedly spent more than a few hours online in search of imagery to feed my seemingly insatiable libido. Amid an ocean of erotica, I encountered a few truly exceptional beauties that instantly became objects of my adoration. One such model was Nikki Nova.

Over the past decade, Nikki has become an icon in the world of adult modeling—appearing in dozens of movies and over a million photos, and eventually hosting the popular Playboy TV show Night Calls: 411. But don’t go stereotyping her based on her livelihood: She may pose nude, but she’s no porn star.

“I’ve often been called a professional tease,” she jokes. “For me, the naked body is no big deal, but being sexual with someone is a very private thing. People always assume I’m promiscuous, or that I’m bisexual or a swinger, none of which are true. I can’t even have one-night stands.”

Nor is Nikki all boobs and no brains—she’s actually an extremely intelligent, enlightened woman with a penchant for the esoteric.

“Literally since birth, I’ve always been a questioner and explorer, with an unquenchable hunger for all things metaphysical, such as natural healing, past-life regression and shamanism,” she explains. “I grew up in Virginia, near the Edgar Cayce Research Center, and around the age of 13 I started skipping school and hanging out there.” Nikki has vigorously pursued these curiosities, studying such paranormal gurus as Walter Bowart (Timothy Leary’s former partner and one of the leading researchers of LSD), and more recently, ufologist James Gilliland.

“These men have been able to scientifically prove a connection between psychedelic mushrooms and the portals in our minds which allow us to observe and communicate with different dimensions and extraterrestrials,” she says. “I realize to a lot of people that might sound like crazy talk, but I find it extremely fascinating.”

I’m proud to say that over the past year I’ve developed a friendship with this amazing woman. Through our conversations, I’ve come to respect her mind and spirit as much as her beauty. It’s not hard to see why we’d get along—aside from the supernatural, her other passions include tattoos and stoner rock.

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