Going Above & Beyond: The Premium Portable Vaporizer for the New Age

Arguably the most rapidly expanding industry over the past 5 years, the vaporizer market is seeing an unprecedented amount of growth, with zero signs of slowing down in the near future. As support for widespread marijuana reform continues to surge across the country, vaporizing – a technology and means once reserved only for counter-culture enthusiasts, has been thrust into the public spotlight, and has quickly become a staple of the cannabis community.  However, with such great growth comes the inevitable factor of market saturation. With more and more manufacturers releasing new units on a seemingly daily basis (coupled with the fact that vaporizer technology is constantly evolving), it’s easy to see how consumers can feel a bit overwhelmed during the research and purchasing process.

However, even with competition among manufacturers at an all-time high, there remains only a small amount of variation among portable vaporizers, leaving consumers wanting more. Shoppers are no longer content with devices that simply “get the job done.” Instead, demand is shifting towards devices which boast advanced technology and features conducive to an active on-the-go lifestyle. In the search for a true (combustion-free) vaporization experience, more and more people are finding Haze Technologies to be a brand committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, with their recently released Haze Dual V3 being considered one of the best portable vaporizers, and garnering an unparalleled amount of accolades and interest among portable vaporizer connoisseurs. While competition is driving more manufacturers to improve features like battery life, vapor quality, cooling efficiency and heating time, only a few brands are taking the necessary steps to transcend the status quo and create something truly unique and revolutionary.

In early 2014, Haze introduced the first and only dual chamber portable vaporizer. This versatile, U.S. engineered unit represented the future of portable vaporization, and helped to redefine consumer expectations and industry standards.  Highly regarded for its ingenuity, craftsmanship and functionality, the Haze’s following quickly grew. Building on the success of their inaugural model, the newest incarnation of the Haze – the Dual V3 focuses providing users with enhanced portability and endless vaping options. The Haze Dual V3 is compatible with all types of materials (dry herb, thick concentrates, waxy oils, shatter, and e-liquids), and even allows you to switch between materials during the same session. How is that possible? The Haze V3 boats an improved dual chamber design, allowing you to pack specialized canisters with different plant material of your choice, and instantaneously switch from chamber to chamber. Select between two different heating methods: conduction (for more visible vapor), or convection (for smoother, combustion-free draws).

The Haze Dual V3’s pre-packable canisters are a unique and convenient way to store and load material with ease. Camping? Tailgating? At a concert? You can pre-pack these canisters in advance with your favorite herbs, wax or e-liquid and eliminate the hassle of grinding, loading, unloading, and cleaning while you’re out and about. You can easily vape one canister, pop it out, drop another one in, and keep vaping. This is both discreet and convenient for on-the-go vape enthusiasts and patients that need quick access to medication.

Powered by a removable/rechargeable battery, the Haze is completely cordless and is built for the road. Each 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery provides hours of continuous vaping. In addition, Haze also offers XL 3200 mAh batteries as an add-on, which provide up to 35% more battery life than the standard batteries.  Couple that with its contemporary design, compact size, quick heat-up time, cool vapor output, and minimal maintenance – and it’s easy to see why the new Haze is gaining monumental fanfare and regarded by those in-the-know as one of the best high-end, top quality portable units on the market. More than just a vaporizer, the Haze Dual V3 is a lifestyle accessory designed to be the perfect companion for cannabis connoisseurs.

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