Gordon Ramsay Shares Restaurant Industry’s Dirty Little Drug Secret

Gordon Ramsay Shares Restaurant Industry's Dirty Little Drug Secret
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Gordon Ramsay is tweaking. There’s a huge problem in the restaurant industry, and this celebrity chef is intent on exposing and tackling it. So what is it that’s got Ramsay in such a tizzy?

“Would You Like Some Blow With That?”

If you work in the restaurant industry, or if you know someone who does, you might already know about the sordid things that go on behind closed kitchen doors.

We’re not talking about spitting in rude customers’ entrées or watering down cocktails or serving marked up pre-made food. We’re not even talking about the drama that goes down among the staff of high-end restaurants (Vanderpump Rules, anyone?).

The restaurant industry’s dirty little secret is white, powdery and almost as addictive as sugar. It’s cocaine, and Gordon Ramsay is absolutely sick of it. Or rather, he’s fed up with other people doing it. He doesn’t touch the stuff.

Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine

Ramsay, famous for his wildly successful restaurants and infamous for his brash demeanor, has produced a documentary about this issue.

Titled Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine, it aims to expose the restaurant industry’s acceptance of cocaine among employees. And also its complicity in the dependency that some restaurant workers find themselves developing.

Over the course of the documentary, Ramsay does a deep dive into the world of cocaine, even going as far as observing the drug being produced and witnessing police raids. Additionally, he explores cocaine usage in his own restaurants.

He swabs the customer and staff bathrooms in his restaurants to see if there’s any drug residue. Spoiler alert: there is.

The documentary also shows the ramifications of drug abuse in the restaurant industry. It’s a deeply personal issue for Ramsay. In 2003, his close friend and protégé David Dempsey died after binging on coke and falling out of a window.

Final Hit: Gordon Ramsay Shares Restaurant Industry’s Dirty Little Drug Secret

In a teaser for his documentary, Ramsay shares that he’s been exposed to cocaine countless times in his career in the restaurant industry.

And it’s not just restaurant staffers who indulge.

In addition to the restaurant employees, Ramsay’s dealt with customers who have been comfortable doing coke in his places of business. He even recalls a couple who requested that he sprinkle cocaine on their dessert. Kind of like powdered sugar. He’s also had a customer ask for a plate to snort the drug off of.

For those in the know, cocaine abuse in the restaurant biz is nothing new. The majority of people in the industry, from bussers to waitstaff and especially chefs, have at least some experience witnessing or partaking in cocaine. The problem is, the majority of casual users don’t seem to fully grasp the long-term consequences of their use. Hopefully, Gordon Ramsay and his documentary will educate them.

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