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Guacamole… or Ganja?

Over a ton of weed was found hidden in a shipment of avocado pulp in a cold-storage facility in Lyons, IL, a suburb of Chicago, said Cook County sheriff Thomas Dart in a news release.

The extra-green shipment, discovered by facility workers, turned out to contain 2,100 pounds of pot, with an estimated street value of over $10 million.

Bricks of marijuana were spread out through the avocado pulp in 1,512 boxes. The added weight drew suspicion from the facility workers, who also questioned the accompanying instructions for “urgent pickup.”

After workers notified the Sheriff’s Street Crime Suppression Unit, K-9 police dogs were brought in, and they sniffed out the pot inside the shipping pallets. The DEA and sheriff’s police are still investigating the incident.

The avocado company, Frozavo, based in Michoacán, Mexico, is not commenting on the incident. We did notice, however, that their website promises “the best avocados in the world, shipped directly to your table.”

We bet their orders are gonna skyrocket!

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Maureen Meehan
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Maureen Meehan is a New York-based writer, who has worked as a foreign correspondent for many years.

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