Happy 420! Celebrate With These Photos From Our Readers

You might even see your own!

High Times would be nothing without our readers. So we just wanted to show a little appreciation on this wonderful day, and make sure all your hard work didn’t go unnoticed. Thanks for rocking with us for all these years. Keep blazing!

Courtesy of Daniel Vaughn, Strain: Truck Driver
Courtesy of Kurt Marler, Strain: White Widow
Courtesy of Nicole Sweeney @swiperrrr, Strain: Ice Cream Cake
Courtesy of Korey Moore @aninomadic
Courtesy of James S. @baronvonschlag, Strain: Runtz Muffin by Barney’s Farm
Courtesy of Daniel Smith, Strain: Benjamin Lotto
Courtesy of Opon Top, Strains: Apple Fritters & Gorilla Glue #4
Courtesy of jiujitsu1983, Strain: Bahama Berry by Solfire Genetics
Courtesy of Ryan Clark @Bigbuddah85, Strain: Wedding Cake (on day 70)
Courtesy of Crystal Bates @kingcloud710
Courtesy of Matt Sutton, Strain: OG Cheese
Courtesy of Brandon Giffin, Gorilla Glue #4
Courtesy of Todd Barnard
Courtesy of Terpie Monster, Strain: Death by Punch
Courtesy of Brittney Nizzle @britt.nizzle, Strain: Monkey Pie, Genetics: @bredby42, Cultivated by: @capybara_cannabis
Courtesy of Scott Britney, Strain: Raspberry Cough
Courtesy of Chris Hester, Strain: Platinum OG Kush
Courtesy of Jay Johann
Courtesy of Shane Fain
Courtesy of Alex Feldbauer @Greenlove.Organics_chef, Strain: Highschool Sweetheart X Chardonel
Courtesy of Isaac Franklin, Strain: Dosi
Courtesy of Robert Stewart
Courtesy of James Dukowski, Strain: Hammer Bros.
Courtesy of Isaac Watrous, Strain: Runtz x Grape Rock Candy x Banana Butter Cups
Courtesy of Jennie Porth
Courtesy of John Reynolds, Strain: OG Kush
Courtesy of Emily Rogowski @sageandcederphotograpy, Strain: GG
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