Hash Review: Bruce Banner

 Extracted by Trichome Heavy Extracts, grown by River Rock

Third Place in the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup US Non-Solvent Category 2014

Genetics: Strawberry Diesel x Ghost OG|
Fresh/Dry: Fresh-Frozen Whole Plant or (FF-WP)
Micron: 90u

Tools: Monocle with 16x-21x magnification, Halen Honey Hole, Halen Carb Cap/Dabber, unbleached parchment paper, Hitman Phase Two Sidecar, Newport Torch, Rig Rag,

Visuals/Press: 5/5

Coming straight out the refrigerator at the dispensary, it looked like the dry, granular, pearl-white beach sand from Siesta Key, Florida. They just had a delivery of hash come in earlier that day, so the product was super-fresh. Trichome Heavy Extracts uses the microplane technique for their hash, making it have much more like super-fine-sand look to it. It would spill if I turned it upside down at this point, in this form. Under a monocle, we could barely see any plant matter. We did see very tiny specs here and there, but we had to really look hard. It was nothing that had a negative effect on the quality of the taste, melt, or press.

Upon curing in a warm environment for several minutes, it will start to sweat, grease up and stick together. You will need a dabber to get this greasy, sticky substance out the jar. This is perfectly fine by us, but if you prefer the beach-sand consistency, make sure to keep your hash in a dark, dry, cool environment. Once I pressed it and looked at it again under the monocle again, I could barely see anything other than trichomes fused together to form a nice yellow, translucent patty, and very tiny specs of red hair.  Holds well, doesn’t powder, flake up or burn when pressed, very stable and greasy. Very impressed.

Aroma: 4.75/5

Strawberry Kool-Aid mix with a slight hint of earth and fuel undertones. It also reminds me of those strawberry candies with the liquid center we all used to get at the candy store. When its pressed, the earth/fuel scent comes out more, adding even more to an already great aroma.

Taste: 5/5

Lots of sweetness, with hints earthy fuel on the exhale. Aftertaste is sweet and lingers for a while. Amazing terpene profile that comes through well at low temperatures. Low temp carb cap definitely brought out the taste so much more. Doesn’t leave the burnt-plant taste that a lot of other ice water and dry sift extracts have. Very sweet all the way through to the end.

Burn/Melt: 4.75/5

Makes my Halen Honey Hole look wet. Nail looked like a greased-up brown paper bag that you can almost see through. Very little ash left over, fully bubbled, melted off the dabber, so there was almost no plant material left over. There was a very minuscule amount of char left over. Barely any ash or char to scrape off after a dab. One of the cleanest burning non-solvent extracts we’ve tried.

Effect: 4.75/5

Functional, clear headed, relaxed, at first, and almost heavy narcotic effects at the peak. As you come down from the narcotic effect, you feel more of the high in your head, mainly behind your eyes. Doesn’t cripple or couch-lock, but is very  relaxing. Great strain after a long day at work, after exercise or right before bedtime.

Overall: 4.85/5

Looks amazing, great aroma, taste phenomenal, melts away beautifully, superb effect, pressed perfectly. It was hard to find anything bad about this specific hash.

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