Puff Majic Vapors

If you’re into mixing your own e-liquids, try out Puff Majic mixers for something different. Wick-and-coil hash oil vaporizers are great, but using them on the street can be risky with the police and sticklers, even in a world of ubiquitous vaping. If you want a vaporizer to really play the part of a regular nicotine e-liquid vape, you’ll need to use liquid hash oil to fill the vapor chamber.

Some wick-and-coil vapes have decoy e-liquid chambers that make them resemble regular nicotine vapes, but these won’t fool everyone. If you really want to get high right in front of people without them ever suspecting a thing, try out Puff Majic liquid mixers, the only e-liquid mix on the market that’s designed to dissolve “herbal essential oils” so you can use them with a standard e-liquid vape. Hash oil made using supercritical carbon dioxide has a near perfect liquid consistency for these types of vaporizers and doesn’t need any carrier liquid, but this kind of oil is very hard to come by in states that haven’t legalized for recreational or medical use.

Made using United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade ingredients, Puff Majic is specially designed to dissolve essential oils so their viscosity is fluid enough for it to be used with e-liquid vapes. Puff Majic comes in ten different flavors including flavorless.

How do you use Puff Majic? Simply mix your concentrate and Puff Majic in a 2:1 ratio (MAJIC : concentrate) in a small container and place it in a warm-water bath. Leave it sit for a few minutes then vigorously mix the two until it completely dissolves. The final solution will be transparent with a similar hue to your starting material. Then simply add this liquid to your vaporizer tank, let it sit for 15 minutes so it saturates the wicking material, and start vaping!

The flavor is reminiscent of nicotine e-liquid, especially the flavored kind. Many cannabis users frown upon mixing precious hash oil with other compounds, but not everyone has the luxury of living in a place where cannabis is legal. Puff Majic can help you disguise the smell of herbal essential oils, and allows you to use a vaporizer that would otherwise be used for nicotine e-liquid, so you can feel safe using on the street. Happy vaping and stay safe!

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