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High Buy Review: SOURCE orb v2 with SOURCE terra

Sirius J



HIGH TIMES recently got the opportunity to review two emerging products from The Source Vapes: the SOURCE orb v2 with SOURCE terra and the SOURCE 10Cig v3. Here are our thoughts!

The SOURCE orb v2 with SOURCE terra comes with 8 different atomizers intended for different uses, a dab tool, a silicone container, a charger and the vaporizer itself. The futuristic looking SOURCE orb handles like a small but sturdy golden scepter. One of the staff nicknamed it “Goldfinger,” after the third installment of the James Bond movie series.

The SOURCE orb has a very easy draw; you can effortlessly puff away without straining your diaphragm. Some vape pens work well but don’t allow enough air passage making it very hard to pull. The SOURCE has four very large intake vents allowing for large hits. While the assortment of atomizers is certainly convenient, we mostly just used the dual coil wax atomizer. This one provides consistently large hits.

The SOURCE 10Cig v3 is a simple, small and discreet oil vaporizer. When you press the button and take draw, the bottom of it lights up blue, making it look identical to nicotine e-liquid vaporizers. At only around $10 retail, this is the perfect vape to pick up if you just landed in a legal state, plan on trying some good oil, but don’t plan on bringing anything illegal back with them. 

The 10Cig v3 also has an innovation we haven’t yet seen in any other vaporizer: a special loading system that makes it so much easier than almost any other hash oil vaporizer. At first it seems like the complete opposite, you open it up and ask yourself why the atomizer is so far down the tube. Loading the oil directly on the atomizer is next to impossible. The oil needs to be loaded onto a plate attached connected to the mouthpiece by a small coil, when you re-attach the mouthpiece the plate places the oil right over the coil. Since the oil gets packed right every time, you get good hits every time as long as it stays packed.

As always, sap, CO2 oil, and runny shatters generally work better for vape pens than wax and crumble. Why? Wick-and-coil vaporizers need the oil to be runny enough to absorb into the wick. Wax and crumble work, but their tendency to form solids makes it harder. 

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