What are Stink Sacks?

High Buy: Stink Sacks

With the rise of marijuana legalization, dispensaries and recreational pot shops are scrambling to find proper packaging for retailing weed. New York company Stink Sack is stepping up to the plate to supply the enormous demand, billing its 100 percent polyethylene bags as an “innovative cannabis storage solution for consumers, growers, dispensaries, and recreational marijuana stores.”

Stink Sacks come in a variety of sizes and designs, including blacked-out, leopard-print, and skull-pattern bags. In Colorado, child-resistant packaging is a requirement under the state’s recreational marijuana laws; Stink Sack’s line of smell-proof packaging includes opaque child-resistant bags featuring a proprietary double-squeeze lock. The company also offers custom designs like the High Times Cannabis Cup packaging used for strain samples in judges’ kits at Cup events.

Stinks sacks are puncture-resistant bags, inexpensive, reusable, and fit neatly into a pocket. Stink sacks won’t prevent your buds from getting crushed, so don’t sit on your weed, but they’re great for stoners on the go. Perfect for a picnic! If the cops roll up on you while you’re enjoying the sun in Central Park, you’ll have no need to worry about them getting a whiff of your green; the sacks really do offer a pretty solid smell barrier. A YouTube video of “Stink Sack Man” illustrating the smell-proof test shows passersby on Venice Beach trying to sniff out which sacks contain stinky garbage, and which are stuffed with cash:

Most folks can’t tell the difference! If you need to keep your weed away from nosy parkers trying to sniff you out, get yourself some Stink Sacks.

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