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The Kind Pen

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The Kind Pen TruVá is a portable non-combustion vaporizer that provides consumers with a very sophisticated and modern smoking device. Compared to many other competing vaporizer companies, The TruVá sets itself apart because of its one-of-a-kind unique design. This TruVá vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer with a deep chamber that can hold up to .8 grams of your finest herbs. The TruVá offers the largest heating chamber for portable vaporizers on the market to date.

What clearly separates the TruVá from other competing vaporizer products is that this product completes a process of its intended purpose, which is to vaporize and not combust a patient’s medicine. The TruVá is comprised of exceptional quality, as well as their other products which are able to support the oil and wax functionalities to ensure this brand as a premier, up-and-coming distributor of smoking devices.

Featuring numerous choices for personal vaporizer pens, presents consumers with four different types of portable vaporizers. Each vapor pen is feather-weight… never has vaping or carrying your vaporizer been this easy. Patients can choose the TruVá, v2, Bullet or the Slim. Since patients and consumers can simply place a Kind Pen vaporizer right in any pants’ pocket, backpack compartment or bedside drawer, this is a personal vaporizer that provides a lot of potential for helping patients.

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