The T Case by Tuff Protection

If you have been to a High Times Cannabis Cup event in the past two years – or really, any large sesh or gathering of heads – chances are that you have seen at least a few people cruising around with The T Case.

The T Case is a hard shell storage and carrying case for your most valuable objects. From firearms and ammunition, to digital cameras and electronics, and, of course, top-quality glass pieces as well, The T Case is lightweight enough to take it wherever you go, and heavy duty enough to properly protect your goods while you travel.

The T Case is currently available in six sizes – ranging from the handy 7” up to the rugged 22” Plus that features an extendable handle on the top, and smooth-gliding wheels at the bottom.

There are currently 13 different colors available, including the innovative Glow in the Dark model.

The T Case has built a strong, grassroots social media following that now enjoys the feedback and participation of over 17.5 thousand engaged followers on Instagram.

We poll our followers – you guys! – any time we are considering launching new sizes, styles, and colors. We ask you what you want to see and what would work best for you; then we put that feedback into action and create the new products you’ve helped to design!

The T Case is airtight, odor-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof. In fact, it’ll float on top of the water, or can even be submerged and still keep your possessions safe and dry.

Every T Case has two locations to secure a padlock (TSA-approved… or not), keeping prying eyes out when needed.

Each case also comes with top and bottom “egg carton” or wave-style foam, as well as customizable cubed pluck-out foam inserts that provide the utmost protection. The 7” T Case includes one layer of pluck out foam, and all other sizes have two or more layers included.

We collaborate with some of the hottest artists – like SakiBomb, HackySacky and Sublime with Rome – because we love their art, they are our friends, and supporting art and your friends is what it’s all about!

So, take a few minutes to catch the vibe on our Instagram feed and then hit up your local headshop or smoke shop, or jump online at, to grab one for yourself. We encourage you to put The T Case to the test!

For the community, by the community – The T Case.

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