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In the last coughing sputters of 2016 we lost Carrie Fisher. She might have played Leia but IRL she was a true modern-day princess: a strong-minded, independent, take no bullshit, intelligent, witty, creative woman with a wicked sense of humor.  What she dished out is exactly what the cosmos want you to serve in 2017: irreverent, self-effacing, take no prisoners, laugh it all off marvelousness. And some creative hairstyling, of course: don’t diss the side buns. Strain recommendation: Harlequin


Before 2016 could slink away into the darkness from which it came, it took with it George Michael. His life’s struggle to reveal to the world his true self empowered his fans to do the same. He encouraged us all to be free and to have faith in ourselves. You can borrow his leather jacket and jukebox and pantheon of ’90s super models if you must, or you can just be loud and proud, but your task in 2017 is to speak up for all the parts of you that have hidden in the shadows out of fear. Sing out, baby. Strain recommendation: Cherry Bomb


At the end of this past year we lost the magical Debbie Reynolds. Her career was as long as it was diverse: a triple threat and an absolute joy to watch. She will also be remembered for dying a day after her beloved daughter, Carrie Fisher. Their relationship was difficult and fraught with the highs and lows that accompany addiction, mental illness, hard-won reconciliations and the showbiz child/parent dynamic. They ran life’s gauntlet side by side, and together they moved on to the next great challenge. This commitment to making their family functional is what you will be embodying in 2017. Either by working out your own kinks or by being a wonderful example to those around you, family togetherness is your key word. Strain recommendation: Snoop’s Dream


Losing Leonard Cohen in 2016 came as a real blow to lovers and poets across the globe, not to mention Buddhists, Montrealers, and musicians who all held him in a dear place in their hearts. 2017 is calling upon you to summon your inner romantic artist, to speak your truth and craft it until it is specifically yours and universally relatable. You will be unafraid of rejection and vulnerability, and when you connect to your spiritual power you will be able to harness the strength it gives you to bring a deep comfort to others. Put your heart out there for the world to embrace! Strain recommendation: Bio-Jesus


So much of 2016 was dominated by the US election that you wouldn’t be wrong to think of Trump as the face of the year. And what a year, and face, it is. Now, as the US braces itself for a 2017 under his rule, we are all left to wonder who will step forward as the face of 2017. Will it be an anti-Donald figure, a humanitarian Mandela type, a Bernie-esque politician, or a celebrity protester à la Mark Ruffalo? Or perhaps it will be a Trumpy ally, like a Putin or a Bannon? I mention this because the cosmos are calling for a political Leo this year. That part of you that speaks your mind and holds fast to your beliefs will be called upon. It is now that you must decide what kind of leader you want to be and whom you will support in the year to come. A great divide has formed, and no fence sitters are allowed anymore. Strain recommendation: Sour Jack


So Brexit was a shocker. The world was left gobsmacked when the impossible happened. England voted to leave the EU and no one seemed more surprised than the British people themselves. A huge amount of exit voters said after voting day that they had changed their minds and wanted a revote. The ugly truth couldn’t be avoided, however; their beds had been made. As 2017 sweeps in, you must think of  those Brits who recanted and what they learned the hard way; listen to no rhetoric, take no action without contemplation, and weigh all possibilities carefully. It’s a precarious time for you, and while risks need to be taken, you must tread softly and with purpose. Each step you take this year will leave an indelible footprint. Strain recommendation: Red Haze


There is a dog in my family that I find looks naked when he isn’t wearing his collar. He reminds me of you in 2017. When you allow yourself to be the real you it will come off as incredibly vulnerable, beautiful (even if slightly inappropriate) and uncommon. No matter how frighteningly nude you feel, you must continue in this vein, unabashedly in your birthday suit for the whole world to see. You are a bastion in these times of obfuscation and double speak: someone willing to be unadorned, raw and sometimes even a bit ugly. The cosmos applaud you and recommend a healthy diet of compassion for those who can’t handle your truth. Shine on! Strain recommendation: Silver Surfer


When you come across tough times in 2017, it will suck just as hard as it has in previous years, but there will be a slight difference… you will see the pain, even feel it, but it won’t damage you. You have lived through irreparably harmful events in your life, and have learnt from them. Finally, this year, your past pains have formed a shield that lives between the core of you and your experiences. This wonderful distance will help you on your path towards mindfulness, allowing you to keep that vulnerable part of you protected yet not blocked off. It’s an exciting time ahead for your personal growth. May you find joy in the self-awareness. Strain recommendation: Citrix


Remember the Zika virus? Like the bird flu and H1N1 it came in like a horrifying nightmare and went out faster than a B-lister on the reality show circuit.  In 2017, we’ll encounter a few more apocalyptic style news pieces that’ll scare the bejeezus out of everybody, but you’ve learnt by now how that little boy likes to cry wolf for the attention. You’ve got a grip on this year coming, you’re ready for it and heck, you might even have a little fun along the way. Take this newfound bravado and let it lead you to adventures that build your self-esteem. Stack it on top of each new accomplishment and by this time next year you’ll be flabbergasted by the advancements you’ve made. Make the space and it will be filled. Strain recommendation: Banana Diesel


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee – sadly 2016 took down Ali. Cassius Clay, aka the great and beautiful boxer Muhammad, was an inspiring speaker, a strong activist and one hell of a fighter. When he lost his words and full control of his body due to Parkinson’s, it was particularly poignant as he had been naturally so graceful and eloquent. In honor of his spirit, I challenge you to activate your muscles and your words toward serving your causes: be they political, spiritual, personal or communal. Approach this year to come with a bit of his style and you should sail through like Ali’s The Rumble in the Jungle. Strain recommendation: Galactic Jack


When people talk about their physical body as if it is separate from their mind, their spiritual self or their emotions, I hear them saying they need to learn how to ingrate their many compartments into one self, to take a holistic approach to their life. Lately you have been focusing so much on your physical doings you have left the rest of you in the dusty dry haze of a Sunday afternoon, eating rusks and watching old home videos. Your arid neural pathways, the desert that is your emotional center and the tumbleweed blowing through your spiritual realm are signs that you need to drink a big glass of rehydrating reincorporation. I suggest cleaning out your bits in a heavy rain, bathing in the light of the moon and crying some tears over nothing but spilt water until all the barriers have been lifted and the river flows freely again. Strain recommendation: Blue Boy


Remember when Ryan Lochte lied to everyone about being held up at gunpoint in Brazil after the Olympics? What a strange moment in sports history that was. From all accounts, he and his team were caught being dumbasses at a Rio gas station and instead of ‘fessing up they turned it into an international incident by fabricating some ridiculous story. This is a great lesson for you in 2017. Sometimes Pisceans can stretch the truth a little, maybe decorate reality with their own brand of historical revision… but this year must bring an end to that silliness. You must get in the habit of talking straight before you get caught with your pants down. This year Pinocchio needs to go into retirement before he ends up toothpicks. Strain recommendation: Voodoo

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