High & Mighty Herbal Infuser

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It’s 2016 and we have the hottest new must have for any marijuana lover’s kitchen. The High & Mighty™ Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser is the gift that keeps on giving. In just 45 minutes you will be able to create the most potent and consistently wonderful canna-oil, cannabutter, canna-honey, canna-nut butter and tincture. Say sayonara to the Crock Pot or stovetop cooking which can result in wasting precious herbs due to all of the unknowns; times, temperatures, stirring, etc. Your imagination is the limit with this small easy to manipulate powerhouse that can be stored in your kitchen cabinet or placed on the countertop next to the toaster.

With the touch of a button, your own homemade herbal medicine will arrive in the form of perfection. Ready to spread on a piece of toast or be used as the base for one of the recipes in the Munchie Manual (Mighty Fast’s companion cookbook) which features clean/paleo/superfood recipes to enhance your eating and healing experience. This machine is an absolute must for churning out doses of herbal medicine.

This machine was originally produced for the medicinal community to help children suffering from seizure disorders who needed a way to ingest their legally prescribed medicine. The founders of High & Mighty™ have an extensive background working with children with disabilities, seeing first hand the horrifying grips of seizure disorders, cancer and autism. “The Herbal Infuser was designed for providing a delivery system for herbal medicine while providing education on maximizing nutrition in an effort to augment health and ultimately happiness,” say the founders.

With The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser, everything is pre-set for you. After a simple preparation, just place the herbs and chosen base (butter, oil, honey, nut butter or glycerin) into the machine. Plug it in, select Mighty Fast 1, Mighty Fast 2 or Mighty Long and move on with your day. The double walled stainless steel barrel and the electronic control panel will do the rest. When your infusion is complete, strain the medicine with the provided equipment. It’s that easy.

With all the madness in the world today, don’t lose another moment wasting time using any other method. This machine is a game changer; your herbal medicine will speak for itself!

“This machine is the fundamental foundation for anyone seeking to make their own medicine” says John Nicolazzo of marijuanadoctors.com.

Visit: www.theherbalinfuser.com

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