The High Priestess: Embracing Hedonism and Sex Magick for Taurus Season

Taurus Season brings out our favorite things: weed, sex, and magic.
The High Priestess: Embracing Hedonism and Sex Magick for Taurus Season
Ivory Woods

Ah Taurus season. A time when we can let our inner stoners shine in all their relaxed magnificence, when we can receive with ease, and when pleasure is simply the name of the game. Taurus is represented by the bull, an animal that can be both loyal and stubborn, reflective of this sign which has a tendency towards the delicious and visceral. We entered Taurus season on 4/20, and with the New Moon in Taurus on May 4th, there’s no excuse to not unleash your inner hedonist.

You deserve to follow what feels good, period, and this is something that we can embody this season. Taurus is an earth sign which means they’re all about the physical; this is a sign that wants all of the sensory experience. They want a delicious meal and a beautiful outfit made of the softest and finest and most luxurious fabrics. They want to smoke the highest shelf cannabis, relax in the most glamorous settings, they want delicious smells and sights and tastes. Taurus season wants it all, and it wants you to have it all too.

New Moons are a time to manifest, since we focus on what we want to grow as the light of the Moon grows. In Taurus, this New Moon is highlighting all things erotic, delicious, sensual, physical, and pleasurable. If there’s ever a time to get stoned and do some sex magick, or get stoned and do something that makes you feel pleasure and turns your soul on, it’s now.

Sex magick is basically using orgasms and sexual energy (also known as life force/ Kundalini/ Prana) as a way to raise energy and send it to a desired intention. And since this New Moon is in Venus-ruled Taurus, this means all Venusian themes are extra supported including magick around love, sex, beauty, pleasure, victory, and money.

You don’t even need to have sex or be with a partner to practice some stoned sex magick under the New Moon, so what even are you waiting for? Here’s how to have a delicious and sensual stoned sex-magick ritual.

Set The Intention And Write It Down

Setting an intention is a fancy way of saying ‘taking a moment to think of what you want to get out of this experience’. The cool thing with sex magick is that you can pretty much use your orgasms as a way to manifest whatever you want—money, love, more weed.

Are you looking for a new lover? Do you just want to manifest something with orgasms because it feels good? Maybe you need some extra moola to make your Taurus fantasy a reality—that’s all chill! Take however long you need to think of what you want to call in with this ritual.

Take the time to honor this, making sure it feels aligned. Hold it in your minds eye, writing it down, either as specifically as you can or with as much feeling as you can.

You can also make a sigil out of this. After writing down your intention, cross out the repeating letters and cross out the vowels. Then take the remaining letters and make a symbol of out them, layering and Frankensteining that shit together. When you’re done, you should have a symbol that looks nothing like letters and is kind of weird. Hold on to this, and spend time with your intention, connecting with this for a few days up until the ritual.

Ivory Woods

Decision Time: Partnered Magick or Solo Magick?

If you’ve never worked with sex magick before, then my recommendation is to start solo! This can be a really healing experience that can help you connect to pleasure and your intention and body in a new way. However, if you’re in a partnership, or have worked with sex magick and want to work with a partner, you totally can! Just make sure you’re on the same page and working towards the same intention.

Pick Your Poison And Method of Consumption

Before you begin any kind of ritual ever just in general, and generally before you smoke or consume anything, you should ask yourself “how am I feeling right now? What do I need?” Where you are in the present may not be where you’d thought you’d be last week or earlier today or an hour ago. So just check in. Think back to your intention and think of what kind of space you want to be in. And since this is a weed column, we can’t forget to invoke Mary Jane herself.


If you want to get to a transcendent state, you’ll want to work with THC, or the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. Think about what kind of sensation you want to experience. I like something that gives me a body high while still stimulating my mind and inspiring me creatively.


I definitely have an oral fixation and I find something so sexy especially about smoking with someone who turns you on—including yourself! Take a hit or two (or ten) from your bong, bowl, joint, or dab for a quick way to get stoned before you bone.


Although edibles take longer to kick in, usually around an hour, they also last way longer in your system, with a high that stays for four to six hours. This can be really great for when you’re having sex, but like smoking, dosage is important! Start with small amounts of THC like 5mg and then increase if you need. Experiment with dosage before your ritual, adding a 5mg or small amount every hour or so until you find what feels good in your body.


You can also work with CBD to help get your sex life from mundane to magick, without the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD can help reduce inflammation and pain, as well as helping to manage anxiety, and you can definitely work with this during your sex magick practice to really get yourself in the right energetic space. You may wish to use a CBD oil or tincture, or try one of the following methods.


Companies like Foria are making CBD lube, which help lubricate the vagina naturally and increase sensation by encouraging blood flow. They’re topical, so you don’t have to worry about getting stoned. Massage into skin as you hold your intention in mind for extra magick.

Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, or Lotion

Taurus season is all about the body, which means that taking a-CBD infused bath or massages with CBD-infused lotions are not only appropriate but encouraged. Taking the time to reconnect to your body and unwind is vital, and there are few things quite as delicious as a cleansing bath before a ritual. Bath bombs, bath salts, lotions, face masks, oils; all of these rituals of beauty blessed by the Ganja Goddess are perfect for sex magick.

Pick Your Sensory Experience

This is where the maxim of “knowing thyself” comes into play, and where knowing what feels good to you helps guide you deeper into your intention.

Think of your five senses, what kind of sex you want to have, and what kind of sex toys you may need. Think of what kind of sensations you’ll want to feel; soft, hard, rough, gentle? Do you want to wear something special, or have your lover wear something special? Maybe you want to grab your favorite pillows, light some candles and incense, put a favorite playlist on. Put on some perfume or spray it on your sheets, wear your lucky underwear or red lipstick. Taurus loves the physical, so think of what you need to do to feel more pleasure in the moment, whether that’s eating fruit or drinking some water, or putting some jewelry on.

If you’re kinky, you can also work with sensory deprivation like a blindfold or gag, sensations like feathers or ice, impact like spanking or flogging, or bondage to get a different experience. Sex magick is raising energy, so think of how different physical sensations impact you. Also be careful if you’re doing any kinky shit while stoned. Know your limits, and make sure to do your homework so you’re risk aware.

Ivory Woods

And Now Comes The Ritual

So, you have an intention for your ritual, which is written down or formed into a sigil. You know if you’re going to be doing this partnered or solo, and how you’ll be consuming your cannabis. You know what toys you’ll be using, and what kind of sensation you’ll be working with. All you need to do now is set up the ritual space and get to it.

If you’re taking an edible or tincture, you’ll want to consume this before your ritual so you’ll feel it. You can do this up to an hour before you begin. You can also take a CBD-infused bath, or perform whatever other beauty rituals you want before Step 1 as well.

Set The Space

Hopefully by now your space is set. You have somewhere you’ll be able to consume your cannabis or CBD, perform your ritual and raise energy. Gather your supplies, including lube, condoms, your intention or sigil, any sex toys and whatever else you need. Put the playlist you decided to on, burn some incense and candles, let any roomies or partners know not to disturb you, and turn your phone on silent.

Connect To The Moment And Your Intention

Find a comfortable position, seated or lying down, and take a moment to connect to your breath. Breathe into your body, feeling present. You may wish to ground, visualizing roots moving from the base of your spine into the earth. Breathe into the present, and into your body and then connect with your intention. Remember why you’re performing this, what you’re calling in.

When you’re ready, you may open your eyes and place your written intention under your pillow or mattress, continuing to connect with this and breathe as you do so. If you created a sigil, you’ll keep this next to you to look at during the ritual.

Consume The Cannabis

If you’re not taking an edible or tincture, now is the time to consume your cannabis. Take time to enjoy this process whether it’s smoking or giving yourself a cbd infused massage or taking a hit of the dab. Thank the universe for this offering, and let the heavens know it’s for connecting with pleasure, healing and your highest self.

Raise The Energy

Now comes the fun and the sex magick! You’ll have sex or masturbate as you breathe, connecting to your intention as much as you can. Feel what you can in your body, doing your best to be present. This is your time to be guided by what feels right in your own body, so do whatever freaky or non-freaky thing you need to do.

As you climax, or raise your energy as much as possible, you’ll visualize your intention moving from your sex organs, up your spine, out the crown of your head to the cosmos. If you created a sigil you can stare at this, sending and directing the energy towards this. Stay in the afterglow in this same way, sending energy to your intention, until whenever the ritual feels complete.


Once you’re finished with the ritual and have sent the energy to your intention, take a few breaths and come back to your body. Envision the roots moving into the base of the earth from before moving back up your spine. Exhale any tension or energy you feel. Thank the cosmos, cannabis, yourself, and when you’re ready open your eyes. You may wish to find a child’s pose, sending any excess energy back into the earth through your third eye.

You can place your sigil or intention under your mattress, in a magickal diary or journal or you can destroy them, burning them up over a pot of water or in a fireproof container.

Know that the spell has worked, and take some time to reflect and enjoy! Write down your experiences and what you felt, and how you ingested your cannabis and how much. If you want to do sex magick again in the future, you’ll have a reference to see what worked.

This Taurus season, let your body and pleasure be your guide. Allow what feels good to carry you through, and know the cannabis plant is always there to help too. No matter how you’re choosing to connect to pleasure this Taurus season, may it be delicious and stoney. And so it is!

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