The High Priestess: A Stoner’s Guide to Gemini Season

Embrace your duality with dope rituals…and dope.
The High Priestess: A Stoner’s Guide to Gemini Season
Ivory Woods

It’s as summer shimmers like a mirage, teasing in the distance, that we enter the domain of Gemini. A flourishing frenzy of inspiration and transformation, this air sign season lasts from May 21st to June 21st and is one that asks us to embrace all aspects of ourselves, all of our dualities and polarities with patience and presence. You can’t escape the gaze of Gemini; this etheric, transcendent, smoke that moves like a panther silently stalking its prey. As a mutable sign, this is a season that asks us to melt, to let go of rigidity, and to embrace the energy of being malleable, of our ability to adapt and evolve.

Represented by the glyph of the twins, Gemini is the only sign of the zodiac whose symbol is two beings. This speaks of Gemini’s instinct to merge in partnership and their duality, as well as of the multifaceted nature of this sign. Like all air signs, Gemini is committed to truth, growth, creativity, renovation, and intellect. They see what we all see, and then they refract it, bend it, break it, in the end seeing things in their unique way. Gemini is the smoke that swirls through your lungs after you take a deep hit of your favorite joint, it is the shift that happens when you’re stoned.

Of course I’m curious about what else us stoners can expect this air sign season, so I asked one of my favorite Gemini’s—The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed. Author of The Tarot Coloring Book and the co-author of forthcoming Tarot For Troubled Times, Theresa is a tarot reader and astrologer who explains how cannabis can actually help ground us this Gemini season.  “One of the problems with Gemini energy is that it is easily bored and that can lead to a scattering of forces. Instead of focusing on one thing at a time, the vibe is restless, causing the mind to flit from one shiny object to another,” Theresa explains. “Cannabis can help bring that hyper-curious Gemini energy down to earth so that your thinking can become focused. When you are able to put your energy into one thing at a time, your actions become mindful—and you can get down deep into your creative work.”

And ’tis the season for creative work! Although they have a bad rep, Geminis are actually iconic (hello, Stevie Nicks, Naomi Campbell, Marilyn Monroe, and Lana Del Rey). They’re able to bend reality at their fingertips with their artistic abilities, staunch intelligence, and unyielding commitment to shape-shift and find joy in the mundane. This is a sign and season that ask us to dream up the impossible, when we are constantly thinking of new ideas and looking past the barriers others have put in front of us to get our vision from idea to reality.

You may be feeling called to start a new project, enter a new relationship, or to learn something new. Not even the sky is the limit with air signs, so follow the calling and know it’s supported especially after the New Moon in Gemini which happened on June 3rd. It’s after the New Moon, during the Waxing phase, that we are able to work with the vastly imaginative energy of Gemini to jumpstart our creative practices and manifest our vision. But the days following the New Moon are still a time to be cautious, thanks to some tricky aspects with Jupiter and Neptune.

Theresa’s advice if you’re feeling like things are too much? “If there was ever a time to zip your lip or to pause before saying something, it’s now. If you feel that you need to speak up, by all means do but if you’re only looking to shoot off your mouth, stick a joint in it. That’s a much better plan.”

However we’re feeling, we can choose to explore this intense and heady energy that asks us to expand our mind through journaling, art, intention, magick, and of course, cannabis. The High Priestess has your guide for what to smoke, watch, listen to, explore, and more this Gemini season.

Ivory Woods

Method Of Cannabis Consumption: The Joint

The ritual of smoking a joint is a special one; grinding the flower, rolling it up delicately, feeling the joint between your fingers as you press it to your lips and inhale. It’s an act that’s intentional; it takes more time than packing a bowl, and it’s often social in nature (like Gemini) something that’s shared, acting as a bridge of connection between people. As the smoke leaves your lips, it disperses and fills the room, hanging in the light. Playing, moving, shifting. And it’s all of these reasons that joints are just the signature smoking style of air signs.

I love burning incense and smoking joints because of the way the smoke dances, expands, shifts. We can learn about the independence and sovereignty of air signs by watching the element in action through smoke. And as we share our joint, and share our high with others, we embody the communal, caring and multidimensional energy of Gemini. This season, if you’re looking to work with cannabis more consciously, use it as an avenue for connection. Let it inspire you to create, to collaborate, to get back into your feelings, and enjoy the damn ride!

What to Smoke: Blue Dream

This California born hybrid is one of my favorite strains, and perfect for channeling the buzzy and heady energy that we associate with Geminis. This hybrid offers a creative and expressive head high, which mellows out into a chill body high. Perfect for journaling, creating, watching a movie, singing karaoke, or just enjoying the day.

Bonus points: Add (organic) lavender to your joint

Since Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, which speaks of communication, writing, knowledge and travel, you can add Mercurial herbs like Lavender to your joint to further harness this energy. Lavender leaves a delicate taste and a mellow buzz and is perfect if you need some relaxation, healing, energetic TLC and love with your cannabis.

What to Watch: The Love Witch

If Gemini were a color palette it would be psychedelic neon’s, bright vibrant reds, deep purples and silver. Visually, it would probably be Anna Billers The Love Witch, the tale of a witch named Elaine who uses magick to seduce men, but when her spells are more powerful than she realizes, things start to turn out in an unexpected route. Saying this film is visually striking is an understatement; Billers masterpiece is full of kitschy, vintage, curated, over-the-top glamour, and women who know what they want and how to get it. Light it up and enjoy this inspiring sensory journey that is sure to make you want to practice sex magick.

What Stone to Get Stoned With: Serpentine

The New Moon and time around it offer us the chance to release and shed, disposing and ditching that which we’ve outgrown. It’s a chance for us to embrace the serpent, the molting that comes with releasing a skin we no longer need. If you want to work with a crystal or stone while you get stoned this Gemini season, tap into Serpentine. This grounding stone can help us not get swept off in the inspired storm of Gemini season. This stone can help us embrace our own cycles of growth and decay, connect to angelic and divine guidance and awaken the life force energy at the base of our spine known as Kundalini.

Meditate with this stone on your throat chakra to help you release anything keeping you playing small and work with this stone to connect to the the energy of the snake. You can meditate with this stone, but if you don’t physically have it, you can look up photos of it to tune into its energy.

Ivory Woods

Ritual: Dance, Create, Write, Journal

Gemini wants us to see things from all perspectives. It wants us to process, to rethink, to challenge, and maybe even to cause a little drama. This magick is that which explores and sees and tastes and analyzes and questions and observes. Gemini season rituals are those which leave no stone unturned, which ask us to tilt the the mirror and see things from all possible perspectives.

A simple ritual to practice this Gemini season: Put on some music (see below for suggestions), roll a joint with some blue dream and lavender, smoke it, and then create. Create an alter ego. Write a song, write a letter to all the different parts of yourself that you love, collage, paint, write a poem, make blackout poetry, dance, chant, write a love letter, watch a documentary, read a book. Dress up in clothes that make you feel like someone else and then take photos in them. Allow the present moment and whatever’s inspiring you to lead your ritual. Gemini is all about expression and creation, so give yourself space to play and make something for the sake of it, no judgment or criticism allowed.

Journaling Prompts for Gemini Season:

Journaling gives us the chance to brain dump, to get out of our head, to dissect our feelings—something we all need, especially during the mind-heavy energy of air sign seasons. And as Theresa reminds me, Gemini rules the hands, which means journaling is an especially powerful practice to pick up right now.

I asked Theresa to contribute some stoned journaling prompts, and these are hers “to get your brain flowing and fingers tapping.”

  • What is the face I show to the world – and which one do I hide?
  • Finish this sentence: I think________________.
  • Call to mind a time when you felt too scared to express your feelings. What held you back – and what did you learn from that experience?
  • What does it look and feel like when I express my truth?
  • Am I expressing my authentic self at all times?
  • How am I listening – or not? 
  • What do I need to do in order to truly hear what others are saying?
  • What do I notice about my thoughts when I’m stoned?
  • In what way does cannabis enhance or inhibit my words?

What to Support: Dance to Be Free

Dance to Be Free uses the healing power of dance and movement to help improve the lives of incarcerated women. Through their teacher training, this non-profit uses choreography, timing and flow, journaling and sharing to help women in jail gain confidence, leadership skills and responsibility while also nurturing self-awareness and introspection. You can learn more about the program here and support the program here.

No matter how you spend this Gemini season, may it help you bloom, grow, and channel your dreams, desires, and intentions IRL. And don’t forget to check out and follow my guest Theresa Reed. Happy Gemini Season! And so it is!

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