14 High Profile People Who Like To Get High

Weed: the great uniter between prince and pauper. Here are some high profile people who like to get high.

1 month ago
February 18, 2018 9:30 am
By Callie Barrons

Plenty of the common folk want to live like the rich and the famous. But many of those high-profile individuals enjoy kicking back and enjoying marijuana, same as the rest of us. They just light their bowls with their pinkies up, sitting by the saltwater pool outside of their twenty-room mansion. Jealousy aside, here’s an assortment of high profile people who like to get high.

1. U.S. Presidents

In terms of high profile people who like to get high, you can’t get much more “high profile” than United States presidents.

Bill Clinton claimed he never inhaled. Barack Obama confirmed for America that for him, that was the point. There have actually been quite a few presidents who have been known to dabble with the dank.

Certainly today none would get caught doing so, but maybe one day there will be a smoking circle in the Oval Office.



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