High Times at the Denver County Fair

When Colorado legalized it and hordes of people lined up to buy it on January 1st, Dana Cain, director of the Denver County Fair, knew that legal marijuana had to have a place at the popular event, now in it’s fourth year.

“We gotta have a pot pavilion!” Cain explains, “we’re representing what Denver is all about!”

And so this August 1-3, look for the official Pot Pavilion among other exhibitions on arts and crafts, farms and gardens, sports and history. But unfortunately, despite being open only to those 21 and over there won’t be any pot in the pot pavilion!

That’s right, in order to gain approval from the board of the National Western Complex, which will host the event, organizers agreed that no cannabis will be on site. Instead, the contests judging Best Marijuana Plant, Biggest Bud, Best Hash and Best Brownie that require imbibing psychoactive substances will be held off-site before the Fair begins. Videos will connect attendees to the contest experience, and photos will allow judges to vote for the best plants.

This concession was necessary to allow the general public a chance to explore cannabis culture, explains Cain. “It’s still so new,” she says, “some people are afraid of it, but we want to re-introduce marijuana to people who don’t know much about it.”

Curious onlookers will be able to explore over 50 vendor booths promoting newly legal retail stores, medical dispensaries, edibles companies, paraphernalia and every type of stoner innovation out there. High Times will be on hand with magazines and promotional contests at our booth, so come on over and say “high!”

Tons of goofy Cheech & Chong-style fun can be had in the Pot Pavilion, such as Grateful Dead karaoke, a Doritos-eating contest, and a speed joint rolling contest (using oregano), plus any adult Colorado resident can enter their homemade bong, homegrown plant, homemade edibles, best tie-dyes and other countercultural crafts into the competition, which costs only $5! “We’re breaking some new ground here,” says Dana, “hopefully we’ll make it less scary to people!”

Pot-friendly entertainment includes a burlesque performance called Cannabis Cabaret, plus comedians and a Brewer & Shipley performance culminating in a rendition of “One Toke Over the Line” timed to coincide with 4:20. Hopeful stoner competitors can sign up until this Friday for the contests, and the Pot Pavilion Grand Champion will be awarded $100 plus a giant glorious purple ribbon. So come on down to the Denver County Fair, roll some oregano joints, eat some Doritos, gawk at the homemade pies, pet some bunny rabbits and have some wholesome family fun!

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