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HIGH TIMES Gift Guide for Stoner Graduates



The school year’s almost finished, and for some scholarly stoners, that means graduation time is upon us.

If you or any family or friends are part of the lucky group of people moving on to the next phase of life, then congratulations! Let’s take a celebratory hit together to commemorate the end of classes!

Much like other major rites of passage, graduation comes with the need to buy presents, often for multiple graduates. To make your life easier (and leave you extra time to roll the perfect "Graduation Gotti"), HIGH TIMES has scoured the Internet to find the best gifts for green-tokin’ grads.

Scroll down for our ingenious ideas, and as always, feel free to leave us your own suggestions in the comments below.

Weed Grinder Watch

This timepiece has a covert weed grinder underneath the face, putting a stonerific spin on a customary grad gift. Best part? This baby is smell-proof!

Roll Model Tee

For the serial, blunt-skillin’ graduate in your life, this shirt (available in his and hers) makes a stylish statement to the world that even role models know how to roll proper.

Marijuana State University Degree

The perfect way to fill the space on your wall next to your other degree or diploma.

Graduated Cylinder (to construct a dream bong, but of course)

“You graduated, so you get this graduated cylinder. Get it?” is what you’ll say to the person you get this for. When he asks what the hell to do with it, just show him this image.

Weed Leaf Paperweight

Keep all your non-rolling papers in order.

Blunts University Shirt

Whatever school you graduated from, this shirt reps the alma mater closest to your heart (and lungs).

Keep Calm and Smoke On Custom Wall Hanging

Make your office (okay, cubicle) feel more like home.

No Thesis No Cry Tee

For the stoner finishing up his Masters or PhD.

Weed Neck Tie

Make a bold statement at the office.

I Graduated, Now What? Tee

How about sparking up that blunt?

Pot Head Stick Figure Gold Charm Necklace

Classic meets unconventional with this one-of-a-kind gold pothead charm on a faux leather chain.

And if you don’t feel like being creative, you can always go the old-fashioned route and just get them some weed.

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