HIGH TIMES Treats the Stars of High Maintenance to a $420 Cannabis Shopping Spree

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Photo by David Lee Dailey

In honor of the cult favorite web series making its HBO premiere this Friday night, HIGH TIMES decided to treat the real-life cannabis couple behind High Maintenance (which chronicles the ongoing adventures of a New York City weed delivery guy) to a $420 medical cannabis shopping spree at a leading Los Angeles dispensary.

Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld married on New Year’s Eve in 2010, and soon after started writing what became the first episode of High Maintenance. Neither could have ever predicted that a series they originally produced on a shoestring—often enlisting friends as actors and crew, and shooting in their borrowed apartments—would eventually land them a deal with the people who bring you Game of Thrones.

Ben and Katja still make the series behind the irie curtain in herb-unfriendly New York, but their newfound status as movers and shakers brings them out to Hollywood often enough that that they’ve recently gotten their medical cannabis recommendations in the Golden State. So we met them at Buds & Roses, a leading medical cannabis dispensary located in the heart of Studio City, and a favorite among many who work in the entertainment industry.

See below for a pic of what Ben and Katja walked away with, plus notes on their personal favorites. And then check out the next issue of HIGH TIMES magazine to read the inside story of this incredible series.

Photo by David Lee Dailey
Photo by David Lee Dailey

Ben: “We got a lot of Strawberry Cough, which I know has won some of your Cannabis Cups, and that bud was awesome. I appreciated it because it’s really euphoric, and maybe I’m also subconsciously prone to liking something that won a contest. I mean, how can you not think to yourself: High Times knows what’s good.”

Katja: “We got some cannabis-infused potato chips. I don’t remember what they were called [ed. note: Yummi Karma’s Salt & Pepper Medical Cannabis Potato Chips], but they were insanely good. The biggest compliment I can give them is that I’m really glad we only bought one bag, because I would have probably kept going.”

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