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Hipster Santa Is In Portland

Mary Jane Gibson



He’s making his list, checking it twice—and trading his red suit in for jeans and a cardigan? Hipster Santa is on the scene in Portland, Oregon—where recreational weed is legal, and life seems to be pretty laid-back.

Sporting a man bun instead of his traditional fur-trimmed hat, Hipster Santa is greeting kids in the downtown Pioneer Place shopping mall with all the good cheer and jolliness one would expect from a common Father Christmas. The difference is only in his hipster garb… and in the fact that he rides a bicycle, instead of commanding his team of reindeer and a sleigh.

We salute Hipster Santa for embracing the Portland culture—and on that note, we can’t help but wonder if he gets high before riding his bike from his North Pole workshop to greet all the little kiddiewinkies. May we suggest packing a bowl with a little Candy Cane for the journey, Mister Claus? Ho ho ho!