HoodLamb Furry Hoodie

Luxurious, vegan and functional aren’t words that are often used to describe a hoodie, but the crew at Hemp Hoodlamb created a garment that’s worthy of such high praise. The cold months are usually my least favorite time of the year, but no more. The women’s Furry Hoodie is so perfect it has me praying for the cold. Old man winter, do your worst!

An ultra plush lining wraps your torso, neck and head in a layer of warm cuddly goodness while the slim cut keeps the look from straying into Mr. Stay Puft land. The neckline has a generous cut to provide extra coverage when zipped closed. All the hardware is sturdy and done in muted tones rather than most of the flimsy zippers found on many of the other hoodies I own. A clever discreet interior zipper pocket is ideal for keeping your goodies, phone and cash tucked away.

The Hoodlamb HHL logo is embroidered on the left breast of the hoodie, but it’s done in such a way that you’re not a tacky walking billboard. As for the vegan aspect of the hoodie–I’m definitely not vegan. If anything, I’m more of a bacontarian, but the granola-crunchy-hippy part of me feels good supporting a company that focuses on creating ethical and eco-friendly products. The HHL Furry Hoodie is one of those rare finds worth snapping up in more than one color because you’ll want to wear it every day. Bring it on, polar vortex.

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