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House Of Saka Celebrates Mother's Day With Uplifting Video On Parenting During Quarantine


House of Saka Celebrates Mother’s Day With Uplifting Video on Parenting During Quarantine

The cannabis-infused wine company House of Saka is celebrating moms with a heartwarming video.

It was supposed to be an enchanted Mother’s Day celebration in California’s wine country. Instead, like everything else in the age of social distancing, the House of Saka’s planned festivities this weekend have been relegated to video.

That isn’t a knock on the finished product, of course, which came together about a month ago, when the effects of the coronavirus pandemic had already come into focus. It was at that time when representatives for the House of Saka, maker of cannabis-infused wines, put out a call to mothers to share their experiences parenting while in quarantine in the Mother’s Day video. 

This heartwarming and optimistic video includes clips from several different mothers describing how their relationships with their children have been enriched during their time in isolation.

“A mom win that I had is I have a daughter who’s in middle school and we’ve been getting along really great,” one mother said. “And there’s typically drama that comes along with middle school, well, it seems like that drama is left at middle school and it’s not at home. I couldn’t be more thankful that we’re getting along so well.”

Founded last year, the House of Saka bills its beverages as combining “the magic of the Napa Valley with state-of-the-art infusion technology for a truly elevated cannabis experience.”

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