Hydra Vapor Tech’s Titan 2

Hydra Vapor Tech is a high-end vaping accessories company. They specialize in sleek and stylish cases for all the major popular vaporizers out on the market.

After the success of the original Titan case and visiting over 300 stores, the overwhelming response was that there was a need to create a case for the Pax 2. So, the Titan 2 was born. The Titan 2 for the Pax 2’s compact design allows you to stylishly and conveniently carry all your vaping tools with you, making it the most practical case you can own!

The elegant yet incredibly durable shell is made with a high-strength anodized aluminum alloy, making it the most durable vape case in existence. The Titan 2 features a magnetic sliding drawer, medical-grade silicone insert, smell-proof treasure chest, stirring tool, and a built-in smell-proof cap to seal your oven, as well as a mouthpiece cap that also doubles as a guide. The Titan 2 comes in four classic colors: black, white, silver and now gold.

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