Hydra Vapor Tech’s Titan Case

The old proverb goes that necessity is the mother of invention. Such is the origin story for the folks behind Hydra Vapor Tech, who started a line of cases for the dabber on the go.

Says co-founder and CEO, Eric Oligschlaeger: “After using vape pens for an extended period, I became frustrated that I had to carry everything loosely in my pocket; a concentrate container, a concentrate tool, and my USB charger wherever I went. My concentrate tool would be covered in pocket lint, my G Pen would become separated, and I was constantly fumbling in my pocket.  After looking online for case options I realized that the selection was very limited and no cases were being built specifically for concentrate pens and its components.”

The only solution was to build a better one. That is how Hydra Vapor Tech‘s Titan was born.

The Titan is made from one of the highest strength aluminum alloys available and has an anodized finish; and features a sliding drawer that changes everything! Made from durable ABS plastic with a magnetic sliding action, the magnetic sliding drawer’s longevity is superior to a spring-loaded drawer—after a long period of use, a spring load will lose its recoil whereas a magnetic sliding drawer will never change with use.

Three dishwasher-safe silicon inserts customize the Titan for various vape pen models, including most elliptical styles, Micro G, Atmos Jr and Atmos Jewel. Plus, a unique stainless steel concentrate tool is included. It features a wider base than most small concentrate tools for ease of use, with a tip that is angled at 35 degrees to scrape leftover concentrate from the top lip of the Atmos chamber, and a slightly sharpened tip to maximize its scraping ability.

Hydra Vapor Tech is currently making a new insert that will fit in their existing cases for some of the larger vaporizer pens. This insert will accommodate the Dr Dabber Ghost, the Puffco Pro, and Kandypens Galaxy and Donuts. Being dubbed the “Dr Puff Galaxy,” this insert is available for online pre-order today—customers will receive it in February 2016.

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