I’d Hit That

Adult film star Jennifer Steele’s buttbong gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “getting shitfaced.”

It started out as a typical Monday morning: I arrived at work late, jacked up on my morning blend of Starbucks, Strawberry Cough, Vicodin and Excedrin, booted up the ol’ G5 and began checking my e-mail, when up popped a message from my friend Jesse in LA. It said simply, “Have you seen this?” with a link underneath. Upon clicking it, I was directed to a story on adultvideonews.com, about an adult-film actress named Jennifer Steele who had filmed a porno at the 2005 Cannabis Cup called Jennifer Steele Does The Amsterdam 420. Evidently, she was going to be on the Howard Stern show that very day, and Howard was allegedly going to do bong hits from her ass. This I had to hear for myself; I switched my Sirius receiver over to Howard 100 just as the replay of that morning’s show began and waited.

Soon Ms. Steele came on, talking about her movie and the Cannabis Cup, and proceeded to have members of Howard’s staff smoke tobacco hits (Sirius wouldn’t let them use cannabis) from her ass on the air. I decided right then that this was something that needed to be covered in High Times. I logged onto MySpace, found Steele’s profile and sent her a message saying I wanted to do a story about her. Within five minutes, I got a reply saying she and her ass pipe would be paying me a visit the next day.

The buttbong was custom-made for Steele by Bryan Dosher of doshworld.com. When I first saw pictures of it being used online, I thought the part that went into the ass was the carburetor. Fortunately, I was mistaken—actually, the top half is just a typical bong. The bottom half is a dildo-shaped chamber that’s filled with water and inserted into the anus. Then, when someone takes a hit, the water bubbles and stimulates the nerves inside the “host’s” ass. You get high, he or she gets off and everyone’s happy.

Steele arrived at High Times around 4 p.m. We got acquainted briefly, then headed over to the studio—camera crew in tow—for the main event. She got undressed, put on a lacy bustier and got down on all fours. After a quick lube job, she inserted the bong into her ass, and I proceeded to empty three full bowls while the crew—morbidly transfixed—shot video and pictures. It was a humorously surreal experience, to say the least, but not nearly as nasty as some might imagine. In fact, after the initial awkwardness wore off, it was actually kind of sexy.

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