Is Jenny Wakeandbake Marijuana’s Most Lovable Ambassador?

Jenny Wakeandbake is a photographer, writer, vlogger, medical marijuana (MMJ) patient, cannabis advocate and ambassador for NugTools, makers of the popular Nuggy.

Known on Instagram and Youtube as @Jennywakeandbake, Jenny uses both platforms to openly share her patient story while documenting her day-to-day adventures consuming and normalizing cannabis in a variety of ways. Whether whipping up a medicated smoothie, creating a strawberry joint or rolling a blunt on her face, Jenny’s videos are both educational and entertaining. She’s a positive influence in the cannabis community, and her uplifting spirit is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly competitive space.

Using her creative talents and down-to-earth personality, Jenny is chipping away at the lazy stoner stereotype, advancing the cannabis conversation one post at a time.

High Times chatted with Jenny Wakeandbake about her journey as an MMJ card holder, her family’s acceptance, and being a celebrated canna-brand ambassador.

HT: When did your relationship with cannabis begin?
When I was in my early teens, I smoked weed for the first time with my older brother, because I thought he was cool and I wanted to do everything he did. However, from day one I noticed that it did something for me that everyday life was not able to provide.

HT: You suffer from IBS and anxiety. How has cannabis impacted your health?
I remember calling my mom a lot in high school to come pick me up because my stomach hurt tremendously. I have anxiety in general, but extra angst has always been attached to my stomach troubles. I knew my IBS, anxiety and cannabis use were all connected. Cannabis soothes my stomach, and it helps me to have an appetite again. I’m able to relax and go about my day, as opposed to having anxiety which prevents me from wanting to leave the house. I didn’t become fully aware of just how beneficial weed was until about a year and a half ago, though. That was when I made it my mission to become a medical patient and learn all the knowledge I could on cannabis, how it was helping me and how I could help myself. No one else was helping me at that point. My doctors prescribed me a variety of medications over the years, causing drastic mood swings and even more stomach pain. I had to take responsibility for obtaining the knowledge myself. In a way, I’m grateful for that, because through what I have learned, I have a deeper love and understanding for this plant.

HT: How long have you been a medical marijuana (MMJ) patient?
I became a Massachusetts MMJ patient in June of 2016, so a little over a year now. I’m happy to live in a state where this is possible. The process was somewhat frustrating, and since legalization was so new, there were strict regulations and high prices. The laws are still strict, and prices aren’t like they are in other states, but they’re starting to be adjusted. Dispensaries are now beginning to offer deals to patients, which helps, especially considering insurance doesn’t cover any of my doctor’s visits or medication. They were more than happy to pay for the pills that exasperated my conditions, yet offer no coverage for what is of true benefit to my body and mind. I hope to see that change.

HT: Does your family support your medical use?
JW: My mom is immensely understanding now, but she wasn’t prior to my becoming a medical patient. I went from being an underage, illegal, recreational smoker to becoming a legal medical patient quickly. It has been a process requiring a lot of communication to get where we are today. My mom’s relationship with me and cannabis went from fighting and distrust to her buying me cute marijuana-themed gifts and being really excited about it. I hope that at some point she will try it for herself since she gets really bad migraines. For the most part, my family has been very understanding since I became a medical patient. It’s a really special thing that they have accepted this. They don’t fully understand the Jenny Wakeandbake aspect of my life but are still supportive. I’m grateful to have that.

HT: What inspired you to create your @Jennywakeandbake Instagram account?
I first made my Instagram account simply because I could. At the time, I was living in Colorado, and it was legal. It opened up a new world for me as I began to explore the weedy hashtags. I found people like @HappyTokes, @CoralReefer and @SilencedHippie, and I thought, “Who are all of these people, and how are they doing this?” I was drawn to them for the exact reason I want to advocate today, because they normalized cannabis use. Now, I’m a part of it and meet and even sesh with people I have connected with through Instagram. I love the experiences I have had thanks to it.

HT: You recently became an ambassador for NugTools, how do you feel about collaborating with them?
I really like being an ambassador for something I obviously enjoy using. It’s pretty easy to share photos and make videos on a product that you truly love. When I first got my hands on a Nuggy, I thought, “This is great, but what exactly am I going to do with it?” I started to bring it with me everywhere, just in case we needed it for a nature sesh. One time, my boyfriend Zack and I went fishing and forgot to bring our Leatherman, but I had brought the Nuggy! We ended up liking it better, and now it definitely goes on every fishing trip. Honestly, I don’t like to not have it on me now. It’s my number one tool for daily life.

HT: What’s your vision for Jenny Wakeandbake?
JW: I want to use my patient story to help break the stigma of the lazy stoner, the one that gets high and then lounges on their couch all day, eating McDonald’s or whatever other junk food. I want to show people through my YouTube and Instagram accounts that I go out in public, I contribute to the community, I go out in nature. Yes, I’m smoking up, but I’m being active. I’m living a healthy lifestyle and yes, that includes cannabis. I don’t sit around all day, and a lot of my stoner friends don’t either. I mean, there was someone out there who was smoking weed and realized, “We need a multitool” and now we have the Nuggy. They’re a great company with a great product that everyone, not just stoners, can benefit from owning. I want to spread the word that we are an active, smart and creative community, and here’s a new awesome product to prove just that. I feel excited and honored to be a part of it.

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