Jenna-ration Gap

As a VERY happily married man, I have little need for pornography anymore. Back in my bachelor days, however, I accumulated quite a collection — including several years of Playboys, some 30 DVDs and over 100 VHS tapes (yes, I’m that old). So it was a real thrill for me when I covered the 2006 Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas, where I got to meet many of the industry’s superstars (including Ron Jeremy, Jenna Haze and Tera Patrick), with one very notable exception: the “Queen of Porn” herself, Jenna Jameson.

Though not a big pothead, Jenna had done an interview with High Times back in 2001, posing for not one but two of our covers — both of which I’d brought to AVN with me for her to sign. But since she only made a brief appearance at the convention (and was mobbed by fans the entire time), I never had the chance to meet her. As luck would have it, I got another opportunity last fall when Jenna hosted the seventh anniversary party of Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club on New York City’s West Side.

I must admit, even when I was single, I was never that into strip clubs. Sure, I enjoyed ogling sexy women as much as — if not more than — the next guy, but throwing wads of hard-earned cash at a bunch of ditzy dancers with daddy issues was never my cup of tea. Nevertheless, I have been to a few titty bars in my day, and of all the places I’ve patronized, Headquarters is definitely one of the coolest and classiest. In fact, they even rented us their private room upstairs to throw an epic, 420-friendly joint High Times/Penthouse Ganja Goddess party back in 2005 — a sexy, smoky soiree that remains the stuff of legend to this day. So, obviously, getting on the guest list for their anniversary wouldn’t be a problem.

I got to the club just before 10pm and hooked up with Adam, their marketing manager, who bought me a brew and bullshitted with me while we waited for Jenna to show. She arrived around half an hour later and, as I expected, was immediately spirited to the VIP booth in the back by the main stage. I chilled at the bar until the initial hubbub died down, then casually headed back to say “high.” To my surprise, Jenna seemed genuinely pleased to meet me and was far more down-to-earth than I’d imagined. We chatted for some time about how much fun she had doing the shoot for us, and ended up bonding over something we have in common: Jenna and I—both soon approaching the big 4-0 — have evolved to new stages in our lives, leaving behind the wild times of our youths and shifting our focus to family.

“I’m a full-time mom now,” Jameson told me. “My main job now is taking care of my twins, and I love it.” (By her “twins,” she was referring to her children, not her breasts—you perverts!) I knew she’d retired from acting and dancing; what I didn’t realize was that she’d also sold her multimillion-dollar production company/website, Club Jenna.

“So you’re not involved in the adult industry at all anymore?” I asked.

“Nope,” she answered. “I’m retired.”

How retired is she? So much so that, according to the next day, she’d turned down an offer from a wealthy patron of a cool $10,000 for just a 10-minute visit to the club’s Champagne Room. Shit—for 10 large I’d have given him a lap dance, a hand job and even a ride home.

Several rounds of drinks, a dozen G-Pen hits, a few blurry photos and a signed magazine later, Jenna and I were bidding each other good night. It’s funny: As a young man, I’d taken great pleasure in her sexy performances on-screen — and now, as a somewhat older man, I’d taken great pleasure in her company and conversation instead. Age sure does have a way of changing one’s perspective and priorities. As for that big porn collection of mine … well, I’m thinking of putting it up for sale. So if you’re horny and still own a VCR, drop me a line.

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