KandyPens Galaxy All-Quartz Crystal Vaporizer

The state-of-the-art Galaxy Vaporizer is the latest release from one of the biggest names in the vape industry, KandyPens. Known for pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge technology, the Galaxy represents an entire new generation of concentrate pen vaporizers. Utilizing advanced quartz crystal atomizer technology, the Galaxy provides the cleanest, purest tasting hits you’ve EVER experienced. By putting a fresh, fun spin on traditional wax pen styling, the Galaxy will appeal to a wide variety of dab enthusiasts. Available in seven colors, each Galaxy features a glossy enamel or satin rubber finish combined with gold accents that create a luxurious high-quality visual experience.

Unsatisfied with the plethora of traditional wax pen vaporizers, Kandypens went back to the drawing board to create their quartz crystal glass atomizers with dual quartz rods. The Galaxy atomizer replaces standard ceramic rods utilized by every other wax pen on the market. So what’s the advantage of using quartz crystal rods over traditional ceramic rods? The answer to that is quite simple: TASTE.

In addition to utilizing advanced quartz crystal atomizer technology, Galaxy pens also feature something unique you won’t find with any other wax pen vaporizer – the ability to select between three different temperature settings. Galaxy’s first of its kind temperature controlled battery allows you to choose between three preset temperature settings (350, 390, and 430 F), allows for a high level of customization, and adds a cool new element to dabbing which was unheard of until now. There’s simply no other vape pen as versatile as the Galaxy. And as with all of KandyPens products, the Galaxy is backed by their unprecedented industry leading lifetime warranty. With no pun intended the Galaxy provides an “out-of-this-world” dabbing experience like no other pen, hence why they called it “Galaxy.”

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