Lebowski Fest Founder Busted For Weed in Louisville

The Dude can’t abide, he’s in lock-up. Will Russell, founder of Lebowski Fest, was arrested Saturday night on charges of pot possession, resisting arrest and menacing. Louisville PD caught Russell, 39, allegedly smoking weed at about 5 p.m. in the parking lot of the Executive Strike & Spare bowling alley, site of the 14th annual Lebowski Fest. The celebration, which includes attendees dressed in full costumes, pays tribute to the 1998 cult film, The Big Lebowski, in which bowling and cannabis play a major part.

Cops reported Russell as “not acting normal,” “aggressive” and that he “actively resisted officers” when they approached him for toking ganja. Russell allegedly took a stance with clenched fists that appeared to physically challenge the cops, who then subdued him and allegedly found more marijuana on his person.

The cops allege that while under arrest, Russell apologized to them for “acting like a savage.” However, on his public Facebook page, Russell painted a different picture, stating: “There was no (media) mention of the two (cops) that tackled me and drove my face into the sidewalk. You should see the scrapes on my knees. What a world.”

After being arrested, Russell was released on his own recognizance. He also expressed optimism to his fellow Lebowski lovers: “Don’t worry. Be happy for me.”

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