Liquid Gold Extracts Nug Run Tanks

Available in three distinct flavors –Indica, Sativa and Hybrid- a hit off a Liquid Gold Vape pen will remind you of their chocolate edibles. Receptors in you nose have a direct connection to a memory center in your brain; the oil’s flavor gave me a fragrant flashback to the first time I sampled a Liquid Gold Edibles chocolate at their booth in a Cannabis Cup. Not to say that it actually tastes like chocolate; the flavor in common between the vape pen and the edibles is the undoubtedly the cannabis oil, which says a lot about the consistency G FarmaLabs has achieved with their extracts.

The first thing you notice about the Liquid Gold vape tank is the wick. Even if it looks old school the pen hits consistently every time, and only gets slightly acrid when the oil starts to run dry at the end. The 0.5 g of CO2 oil extracted from indoor grown flowers provided in the tank lasts for approximately one charge of a standard vape pen.

I recommend the Liquid Gold Nug Run Cannabis Oil for anyone who likes a convenient and pleasant hit off a vape pen, without any noticeable aftertaste of e-liquid.

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