Luxury Cannabis Brand Beboe Launches

Luxury cannabis has arrived, and it is rose gold. Recreational marijuana laws in California have given rise to a gorgeously packaged new weed venture from celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell and former fashion executive Clement Kwan.

Beboe, which launched at a star-studded dinner party last Thursday in West Hollywood, is an Instagram-worthy line that currently offers a vaporizer and edible pastilles. The New York Times labelled it “the Hermès of marijuana,” pointing out that Beboe’s wares wouldn’t be out of place on display at Bergdorf Goodman. The luxurious packaging has a touch of cheek, too: the slim rose-gold vape comes in a cork-topped glass vial with a label that says, simply, DRUGS.

Campbell and Kwan hope to appeal to A-listers who enjoy good weed as well as pretty packaging. As Campbell told the Times, “You know where you would go to a dinner and bring a fancy bottle of wine? That’s what we want, dinner-party culture.”

Beboe’s disposable vaporizer retails for $60. It contains 200mg of sativa and 40mg of CBD, good for about 150 puffs. The low-dose pastilles—perfect for your pocketbook in their elegant apricot-colored tin—contain 5mg of sativa-dominant THC and 3mg of CBD each, and retail for $25 for 25. “You don’t get high off one candy, it just makes your day a little bit warmer, a little bit better,” Campbell says. “It’s little like ‘mommy’s little helper.’ You could eat one at 3 p.m., and your boss wouldn’t know. You don’t have to worry about being in the fetal position on the sofa crying for four hours.”

The cannabis venture is named after Campbell’s maternal grandmother Be Boe, who used to buy dime bags to make brownies to ease his mother’s pain as she battled cancer when he was a child. “I remember one time, after a fresh batch of brownies, my mother put one of her chemo wigs on a remote control car of mine, and chased our dog around the house with it,” Mr. Campbell recalls. “She and Grandma couldn’t breathe, they were laughing so hard.”

Campbell, who is renowned as one of the world’s most talented tattoo artists, met co-founder Clement Kwan, formerly of luxury brands YOOX/Net a Porter and Dolce & Gabbana, while on a business trip to Detroit, and the idea for a chic cannabis brand was born. The duo hopes to further the end of prohibition by building sophisticated products that will attract a more sophisticated consumer, says Kwan: “This is what we hope will be the catalyst in forging into this new frontier.”

“We wanted to create a product that we’d be proud to give to our friends,” says Campbell.  “We set out to create not only a quality product, but something that would truly change the way people saw cannabis as a product.”

Based in Los Angeles, Beboe’s products are now available through their website as well as at select dispensaries throughout California, with plans for expansion to follow.


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