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Marijuana Growing Competition Added to D.C. State Fair

Marijuana has been legal in Washington, D.C. since February, and now, residents will have a chance to show off their growing skills.

According to the Washington Times, the D.C. State Fair has added a “Best Bud” competition for those who grow their own pot.

“Now that it’s legal for residents of the District to grow their own plants, we wanted a way to highlight this new freedom while also showing off the agricultural talents of the District’s people,” Anna Tauzin, a board member and outreach director for the fair, told the Washington Post.

To enter, contestants must submit a 1-2 gram bud in a Mason jar, which will be judged based on four categories—appearance, odor, touch and “your story” (how the plant was grown and anything else competitors feel the judges should know).

None of the buds will be sampled because it is still illegal to consume cannabis in a public space, but Tauzin assures that all of the judges will be pot experts.

The D.C. State Fair will take place on September 12 and judging will begin at 4:20 p.m.

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