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Marijuana-Infused Breath Strips Make Everything Better

High Times sat down with Josh Kirby, the founder of Oakor cannabis breath strips, for five questions at the US Cannabis Cup in Seattle — check it out:

Tell us about this brand new product you brought out to the US Cannabis Cup in Seattle this year!

We make cannabis-infused breath strips. We actually came up with the idea for the company in New York and then moved out here when Washington’s I-502 was passed to start it. The breath strips are absorbed sublingually so they go under your tongue and are absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the membranes in your mouth. They’re fast-acting and they have a higher bioavailability because they don’t get broken down in your liver before they hit your bloodstream.

Did you have the background to create these or did you have the idea and find someone to facilitate it?

So before I got into this I was actually a musician. But I had this idea, did some research online, played around in my kitchen for a few months to try and figure this out, and I finally made it work after a while!

Without giving away too many secrets, what’s the process like to make a cannabis breath strip?

So basically you just make a goop that looks like some nasty boogers, then you cast it out onto a very thin sheet using this precise equipment that casts a very fine layer. Then you let it dry and cut it up.

You make it sound so easy, but I’m sure it’s pretty difficult.

It’s really hard to come up with a formula for the goop — it’s called a slurry. That took a while to figure out.

How’s the reaction from the crowds at the US Cannabis Cup in Seattle?

Well, it’s my first Cannabis Cup. It’s been awesome; people are super stoked and really receptive to what we’re doing. It’s been really cool!

To learn more about Oakor’s breath strips and to try them out for yourself, check them out online!

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