Mike Tyson Reveals His Secret Plan To Revolutionize Weed

Mike Tyson could change the legal weed game forever.
Mike Tyson Reveals His Secret Plan To Revolutionize Weed
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“Iron” Mike Tyson appears to be the next prominent person looking to take advantage of Calfornia’s recent legalization of recreational weed.

The boxer-turned-actor-turned-cannabis connoisseur is currently in the process of opening up his own marijuana ranch in California, a venture the former heavyweight champ announced on Monday, following California’s January 1 inception of legal weed.

Mike Tyson And His One Stop Weed Shop

Tyson, who broke ground on the land back on December 20, finally revealed on Monday that he purchased the 40-acre plot of land in California City, a desert location about two hours north of Los Angeles, with plans to convert the land into a one-stop cannabis shop and amusement park.

The former undisputed heavyweight champion and his business partners, Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen, have unofficially dubbed the facility “Tyson Ranch,” although it remains to be seen if it will remain under that guise upon its grand opening, which has also yet to be announced. The company formed by the trio is titled Tyson Holistics, and the term “Iron Mike Genetics” has been trademarked for branding purposes.

According to Robert Hickman, the compound will dedicate half of its land (20 acres) to the cultivation of high-quality cannabis strains.

“[Tyson Ranch] will allow master growers to have maximum control of their environment,” Hickman told The Blast.

In addition to growing high-end strains of THC and CBD, the premise will also include an amphitheater for live shows and presentations, a hydro-feed plant and supply store, a factory for edibles, a garden with a unique water feature, a cutting-edge extraction facility and a “Tyson Cultivation School” aimed to teach growers at the facility the latest techniques and tricks in marijuana cultivation.

Mike Tyson Reveals The Benefits Of “Tyson’s Ranch”

Tyson also revealed that his company will be mainly comprised of veterans and said that taking care of men and women who have formerly served in the armed forces will be a top priority moving forward. For good measure, the ranch will be located near Edwards Air Force Base, and the company hopes to create a large array of jobs for veterans.

Tyson, who has long been a staunch supporter of medical marijuana for therapeutic purposes, also said that his facility will aim to improve the medical research and treatment of diseases using cannabis, despite mainly serving as a recreational facility. CBD, the cannabis compound that contains virtually no psychoactive properties, is expected to be grown, extracted and researched heavily at the ranch. CBD has been proven to be a viable anti-inflammatory medication, anticonvulsant, PTSD treatment and anti-depressant agent, amongst a plethora of other potential uses.

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