Moe’s Southwest Grill Newest Menu Item: Free Weed

While American cannabis cafes may be right around the corner, it will likely be awhile before the collective genius of marijuana and Mexican cuisine seeps into the mainstream. However, a Georgia woman believes a Moe’s restaurant is running an super-secret, underground test market on this concept because she claims she was recently served a bag of weed with her order.

According to FOX News, Crystal Rivers and a few friends stopped off at a Moe’s Southwest Grill in Sandy Springs earlier this week, when an employee snuck a complimentary bag of pot in with their order. Rivers claims none of her friends were aware that the worker had put weed in one of their drink cups, and that it was not until he came over to their table to give them a pinch more when they realized what was going on.

“He comes back and says, ‘here have some more’ basically putting it under a napkin on my tray,” said Rivers.

Unfortunately, while most stoners reading this news story would have been ecstatic to receive an order of bonus bud with their tacos, this group of Georgia socialites got offended by the gesture and summoned a manager. However, the weed-slinging worker was not about to stick around to see what kind of trouble he was about to get into… so he grabbed the pot and bailed.

“The guy that gave us the weed saw what was going on and he picked up the weed before anyone even touched it and left,” said Rivers.

Shortly thereafter, the Sandy Springs Police showed up to investigate the incident. The manager told them the man they were looking for was 24-year-old Christopher Russeau, who police arrested a few days later at home.

Rivers says she and her friends were confused as to why a strange man would give them marijuana, but the police informed them that it was likely his way of hitting on them.

“It is funny, we kind of laugh at it because it’s funny, but the serious thing is that it’s kind of embarrassing and a person should never do that,” said Rivers.

We disagree. First of all, receiving free weed is not embarrassing, being a rat is. And secondly, the idea that people are out there, giving away marijuana to perfect strangers – that’s the world all of us want to live in!

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