The 6 Most Ridiculous Anti-Weed PSAs

It seems like the anti-cannabis crowd will stoop to any level to influence the younger generations. Here are just a few ridiculous anti-weed PSAs.
The 6 Most Ridiculous Anti-Weed PSAs

From the 1960’s up until the 2000’s, ridiculous anti-weed PSAs ran daily on TV, urging teenagers to stay away from this “dangerous drug.” It’s hard to believe that any of them really worked, considering that they’re now most popular on Facebook where users have been finding the commercials quite hilarious.

Before we had evidence and research on the positives of marijuana, these ads targeted the younger audience with the purpose of causing fear and preventing cannabis use. They usually depicted exaggerated and unrealistic side effects of weed or featured famous icons talking to the camera as though they were lecturing whoever sat on the other side of the lens.

In the era of legalization, you don’t come across many of these hilariously inaccurate PSAs. From stoner sloths to the judgmental dog disappointed in his high owner, these PSAs will have you scratching your head and laughing at the same time. Here are six of the most ridiculous anti-weed PSAs.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Say No to Drugs Advert

What better way to communicate a message to children than to use their favorite cartoon characters. This 90’s PSA not only included the beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it also features some questionably rolled joints and juvenile name calling. Someone needs to show that drug dealer how to roll a joint.

The age demographic of this ad seems absolutely unrealistic, seeing as these children look too young to even cross the street by themselves. Besides, are these turtles really fit to be giving such advice? They seem to always acquire the munchies.

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