Colorado Film Offering Free Weed

Hollywood is infamous for making movie fans laugh and cry, but in Colorado, a couple of independent filmmakers want to make you laugh and get you high.

Stand-up comedian Adam Hartle and director Anthony Hashem have set out to promote the release of their new movie, Mile High: The Comeback of Cannabis, by passing out complimentary marijuana to adults who attend screenings of the film this week at the Mayan Theatre in Denver.

The film is a live-action, feature-length docu-comedy that tells the tale of Colorado’s historical journey to becoming the first state in America to legalize recreational marijuana. While some filmmakers might set out to convey this story in a serious and ultra-political manner, the filmmakers have created an cinematic intertwining of comedy and politics they hope will provide an entertaining outlook on every aspect of legal weed in Colorado — from the passage of Amendment 64 right down to the opening of the first retail marijuana shops.

So, what better way to stir up the interest of the stoner nation than by handing prospective spectators a modest sack of pre-screen weed before they enter the theater.

“I’ll be standing outside the Mayan and Boulder theaters before each screening this week, handing out a small amount of legal marijuana to anyone over 21 with a valid ID to take home to enjoy responsibly,” Hartle told “No purchase necessary, but we highly encourage you to stay and watch the film.”

The filmmakers say the reviews of Mile High have been both good and bad depending on the age of the viewer. “We’ve shown this film to a few test audiences so far, and what we’ve found is the 20- to 40-year-old demographic who have used cannabis before absolutely love it, and the older crowd who hasn’t find it less favorable,” said Hashem.

There have been rumors circulating this week that Hartle and Hashem’s parking lot pot payola scheme somehow violates drug law, which is not true. Colorado statutes involving marijuana allow adults over the age of 21 to be in possession of the substance and to give it away freely to anyone who is also over the age of 21.

Your chance to check out ‘Mile High: The Comeback of Cannabis’ on the big screen, as well as to get your hands on some free weed ends today. Yet, it appears as though DVD copies of the film are already available, according to their Facebook page. No word if any “bonus” features are included with that purchase.

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