Remember This Weed Scene from Back to the Future?

Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 is officially “Back to the Future” Day—the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived from the past in the 1989 film, Back to the Future II.

A lot of people have been keeping score, and while the movie did make quite a few correct predictions (i.e. video chat, virtual-reality goggles), a good portion of them have not yet come to fruition (where are our flying cars?!?). Hoverboards are the cool new toy this year, but let’s be real, our current version is nothing like Marty McFly’s. Yes, the Cubs actually do have the potential to win the World Series, but it definitely doesn’t seem likely.

However, the one “prediction” that we’re fans of actually happened in the first Back to the Future film, when the gang time travels back to 1955 in the midst of Reefer Madness.

While attending his parents’ school dance, Marty gets thrown in the trunk of a car by a group of skinheads, only to be rescued by some pot-smoking musicians.

“Hey, hey, listen, guys… Look, I don’t wanna mess with no reefer addicts, okay?” the skinhead says.

Maybe “prediction” isn’t the right word, but we like to think that this scene accurately portrays how ridiculous Reefer Madness and anti-pot propaganda was—a sentiment most people recognize today.

Check out the clip below and Happy “Back to the Future” Day!

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